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usb lan adapter Customers Reviews

  • Works well with Android HDTV player and linux systems

    posted by pavlik81

    Very low price.SmallLow powerNo drivers needed (Linux, Android)USB 2.0 supportSmall USB conector.
    LAN adapter works well with android HDTV player. Driver is not needed. Works well with linux PC No drivers are needed as well.For those who is interested (raspberry PI users) the Chipset is ASIX AX88772Big benefit is that USB connection is made through approximately 15 centimeter cable terminated with small USB connector.Small USB connector does not occupy two surroundings USB slots like some devices which has USB connector embedded.
    I can recommend to buy it. It's a good device for a good price.
  • Great Purchase!

    posted by JuelDK

    Very easy to use, just install the software, and then it is plug and play!At first i didn't see the disc, so I tried pluging it in, and it didn't work. But when I installed the software, there were no problems at all.I think it is great that it comes with USB 3.0. It is a little bit faster than the normal USB 2.0.
    I would recommend this to my friends, who haven't got any Ethernet port on their laptop.
    A very nice thing to have, if your laptop hasn't got any RJ45 port. Very easy to install, and then it is just plug the adapter in an USB port. Then you have internet!
  • Outstanding piece of IT army knife!

    posted by syakko

    Nice slick usb to ethernet adapter, works instantly icw Debian squeeze/wheezy. Plug anda play, yeah baby ... It enriches your life with all it's beautiful performance rates and synchronous data transfers flowing around on the transport layer of the OSI model. Believe it or not but this nifty tool will make you realize that connecting todays devices can be made easy!
    Maybe the manufacturer should consider a pink version for my girlfriend, i am sure she would appreciate that!
    BUY IT and transfer-rate the hell out of it, all those bits and bytes flying around make you wonder what the future will bring us ...
  • perfect works great

    posted by xpaum

    very cheap, easy product just plug and play beacuse its usb, pc detect it like an linksys usb ethernet adaptor. it works fine on linux (or android you need and extra usb to connect it), windows and mac.
    very cheap product that allows you to add and ethernet network by usb or use it in a computer without ethernet.
    i am very happy with this product, is cheap, works great. All fine as i expected it.
  • Excellent Gigabit adapter

    posted by ReneSantos

    Avoid USB 2.0 bottleneck, reliable connection, flexibility to add new nics on existing system. Backward compatible with USB 2.0.
    I use it on my improvised dockstation connecting gigabit lan + sound card + video (sometimes) + mouse/keyboard wireless receiver on a single USB 3.0 hub connecting to my notebook. I store many large files on other PCs and connecting tru gigabit make feel like they are on local storage.

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