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  • Outstanding piece of IT army knife!

    posted by syakko

    Nice slick usb to ethernet adapter, works instantly icw Debian squeeze/wheezy. Plug anda play, yeah baby ... It enriches your life with all it's beautiful performance rates and synchronous data transfers flowing around on the transport layer of the OSI model. Believe it or not but this nifty tool will make you realize that connecting todays devices can be made easy!
    Maybe the manufacturer should consider a pink version for my girlfriend, i am sure she would appreciate that!
    BUY IT and transfer-rate the hell out of it, all those bits and bytes flying around make you wonder what the future will bring us ...
  • Works like a charm

    posted by daegerte

    > Good price/value
    > Works perfectly on Mac OS X 10.6
    > Easy to install (once I could use the CD)
    > Small and handy, good to carry along
    > Price was lowered since I bought it... too bad for me.
    > Use it on an MacBook Air and it's more reliable than using WLAN connection
    > Have not tried upgrading the firmware
    > Buy
  • works, say 100mbit

    posted by speedfreak1o1

    u get a tp port, on your tablet.brite blue status led.did not showup on device, but works in dhcp only mode.
    good for my intended use, emergency tp lan connections where the wifi is not working.will not showup in this android until lan cable is connected... that bugged me out a while before i pluged the tp cable in.
    works, i cant change net settings on two tested tablets running diffrent android rev.will make havoc with battery time, so for short use only!not the best solution for lan connections as of power usage.
  • Good item, parfait

    posted by rhn54

    Good productI checked are working on a laptop with win7 (problem with the config of the wii my fault) and no problems, works great on pc also
    I had a malfunction because I installed a boot loader that prevents updates to the Wii, I disabled the lock and everything works perfectly, Weather, etc. Mario Kart online.The adapter is really small compared to the power supply which has the same design
    No regret, very good buy, good package arrived no dammage
  • perfect works great

    posted by xpaum

    very cheap, easy product just plug and play beacuse its usb, pc detect it like an linksys usb ethernet adaptor. it works fine on linux (or android you need and extra usb to connect it), windows and mac.
    very cheap product that allows you to add and ethernet network by usb or use it in a computer without ethernet.
    i am very happy with this product, is cheap, works great. All fine as i expected it.

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