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The perfect usb hard drive here to meet all your needs. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. Find more hot gadgets at hard drive 2.5 usb and xbox hard drive. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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usb hard drive Customers Reviews

  • Cheap and cool

    posted by juliohm

    Very simple. This is a notebook hard drive with an external casing to connect using an USB cable. Not much else to tell. 500GB gives me more than enough room to make my backups.The external case is metal, which is nice; shiny and good looking. It's a great build quality.USB cable comes with a double end (like in the picture). If the USB outlet you are using does not provide enough power for the drive to work you can still connect the secondary one (the thinner end) to get enough juice.
    The case is really nice, and looks cool. This is definitely the choice if you are looking to give it away as a present to someone.
    It's worth every cent.
  • Using it on a PS3 as replacement, works ok!

    posted by fedek3

    - Price: it's about half the price of the best price I can get in my country- Case looks really good- It came with a little pocket to store it safely- Really 500GB disk, so good relationship in gb per dollar- Very slim
    None, product works as expected
    I recommend the product for those wanting to use only the disk (not the case) for replacement in a PS3, for example, or a notebook.
  • Great price for a great product!

    posted by amippp

    I got the product in a great shape, working perfect. All you have to do is plug the cable and start using, so very easy to use. The design is nice, and the drive itself is pretty light. It's a USB 3.0, which make the transfer of files very fast from your computer to the drive and back.
    Hoped to find one with more space, 640GB is a bit low for me.
    Great product, very good price. It's actually 3\4 of the lowest original price that I've check at my country. If you are looking to buy a good external hard drive for an affordable price, you found it.
  • Great looking and functioning HD enclosure

    posted by mehappel

    Nice looking and working very fast. Feels sturdy and high quality. Comes with cable and pouch and stuck on tips.
    Manual still refers to usb2.0 although it is a 3.0 version. Also no clear info on how to disassemble, some info on the box but it is not for this type.
    Great product if you need a 2,5" HD enclosure. Te black is nicer than the silver one.
  • Good Product

    posted by diassuncao

    It is a resistant plastic case with an a aluminum cover and the build quality seems good.The connctor side can be removed and you can use it to connect to other external HDD and transform it in a USB3.0 external HDD.IT comes with a good backup software for windows and mac and tutorial videos in many languages (en-us, fr-fr, it-it, ko-kr, ru-ru, sv-se, zh-cn, zh-tw).If you register the product you got a one year 4GB cloud storage.It is possible to disable the led to save power (or to not disturb you when you go to sleep) but i dont think it is realy that good feature.
    Good Brand for HDD. I prefer to just buy from them.
    Good product although expensive.

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