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usb game controller pc

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usb game controller pc Customers Reviews

  • Worth it

    posted by koshi

    The price is very appropriate for this item.- the buttons all work perfectly - You get vibration feedback on any game that has it.- fully functional analog
    The feeling of the controller may be uncomfortable. it feels very cheap and light but its not a bad thing.
    as long as you are not playing a fighting game the uses are endless.it has much use to gamers that like to play a lot of games on the PC. if you need one, buy it!
  • Works Fine

    posted by Mardeleva

    Works fine, all buttos works,and it is easy to configure it.There is a calibration menu that makes it easy to configure buttosn of game controllers.It comes with a mini CD that contains drivers and menu for controllers configuration.Works on WinXP, Vista and Windows 7.Vibration function works fine also.
    Buy it if you use to play games on laptop or PCstation with a friend.You can play on your laptop with game controllers connected to the converter like you're playing with your PS.
    It is a good buy at a good price.
  • I'm satisfied

    posted by jeanrtt

    • Very nice looking. Have an inside light when in use• The retractable cable can be very useful and turn your PC table more clean• Good design, holds well in your hands• You doesn't need, at all, the CD installer that comes together• Looks legit
    The cable could be more strong.
    Despite the price, it's a very good controller and, probably, the best one here on dx.com. If you really Need a controller to play, this is a good choice.
  • definitely worth buying but mind the cons

    posted by killerbee0071

    The device is handy and functions properly, looks as advertised with slight esthetic add ons which improve the overall appearance of the product.
    No real other thoughts.
    If the virus problem is fixed it will be 100% satisfactory.
  • Excelente relación calidad/precio. Rápido y fácil de usar.

    posted by Cacatua57

    Es ráìdo y fácil de usar, simplemente enchufarlo al puerto USB de tu ordenador y esta listo para utilizarse. Me llegó en perfectas condiciones y con un embalaje adecuado, en un sobre que va forrado por dentro de un plástico de pompitas para protegerlo. Hay que fijarse que uno de los enchufes para el mando es el player 1 y el otro es el player 2, así que comprueba cual es cual y luego pinta un 1 o un 2 según corresponda con un permanente y listo, porque si vas a jugar en modo un jugador y enchufas el mando al slot del player 2 entonces no funcionará, hay que enchufarlo al slot del player 1.
    En general el tiempo que tardan en llegar las cosas es mayor a los 10 días laborables que te dicen, a mí me tardó en concreto 17 días así que si corre prisa tenerlo se debe encargar por correo especial pagando el suplemento; aunque si no es el caso aunque tarde en poco es mejor el envío gratuíto.
    Un accesorio ideal para todos los que quieran jugar de manera cómoda, rápida y sencilla al ordenador empleando los mandos de la PlayStation, totalmente recomendable.

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