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usb flat red Customers Reviews

  • sturdy charge cable

    posted by bloemkolen

    The cable is solid build with strong and big connectors and a thick and wide flat cable, at least twice as wide as most flat usb cable's. Bright red, making it easy to find i guess ;) nice flexible cable.
    at first it seemed there where only 2 wires inside the cable, but after trying it out it turned out the datatransfer works so there must me some more (thinner?) wires inside.
    good strong cable, good price
  • Great cable quality

    posted by GordieH

    Cheap. The flat cable is attractive looks like the beats by dre headphone cable. Solid tight fitting, doesn't easily get yanked out
    Well worth it. With the cable being flat I am concerned that the plastic will tear off. The quality is quite good so I don't think this will happen. Just an irrational fear that I am posting to meet the word count
    Great quality. I ordered 2, one for home and one for my office. I will order a few longer ones now :-)
  • Works fine!

    posted by Mooki

    Bought this one for the wife, and the color is one of the obvious pros - easily detected in the sofa or wherever she last used it.Another pro is the length, it is quite possible to use the phone or pad whilst charging without feeling severely limited.Build quality feels decent, the connectors likewise. Has worked in all devices I've tested so far.
    The cables feels nice, a sort of rubbery feel to the surface.The connectors seem sturdy.
    Works well, looks good. Definitely worth the price.
  • A good fancy cable!

    posted by carlomontec

    Looks great, looks solid and of good quality build. Length is good if your charger is far away your desk. The flat design makes it really easy to tool up and store. The feel of plastic is good to touch.
    If you need a long cable to charge up your device and doesn't want to look boring, definitely is a nice buy. Looks cooler on live than in the picture!
    If you like colorful stuff like me, its definitely a must! Good quality, length and price.
  • Great looking usb cable

    posted by Zweibeiner

    Great flat and long cable, easy to untangle and has a nice and tough feel to it. Feels like good quality and withstands my kids tugging it along through the house.
    Great cable for your room where you don't want it to look too plastic and cable filled. Looks great!
    Good piece of cable. Can highly recommend it to buyers who are looking for a long, not too tangling cable.

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