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usb flash Customers Reviews

  • Nice for a gift!

    posted by marcusmaggi

    Nice flash drive, gold-like color and shape. Even the weight is heavy so it really looks like a gold bar.It comes in a beautiful metal case with an acrylic window so you can see the flash drive inside, and it's surrounded by a sponge! Really good first look!
    Already comes formatted... Just plug and use! The reading and writing speed of the USB is in the average. Used it on Windows and Linux.
    It's a great gift! It's different than everybody is used too!
  • Original memory wrist ;)

    posted by AlphaOmega2k

    Original concept - a memory wrist band!Original design - there is no thing like this anywhere else.
    Sss bottomline comments:
    Original and unique item. If you want to have something that reminds you (and exists only on) DealExtreme - take it or the DX man. I guess every DX shopper should have at least one of them ;)
  • a USB key doing the job

    posted by Liartes

    First of all the price. The quality/price ratio is very good too. it feels weak, but works flawlessly with decent I/O USB2 speed. 7,57Go space available on the key according to Windows 7.It's invisible, but there is a red LED noticing activity while using the key on the computer.
    The key come with dummies files representing 1Go each, proving the capacity and showing that the manufacturer had test the key. Good point !
    I recommend this kind of key if you'll move it a lot as it's protect against dust and the strap is pretty usefull: it won't get crush in a bag
  • Very cute USB Flash Drive!

    posted by lRafaelLopesl

    - Very cute, a lovelly rubber penguin without any flaws;- Really nice 8 GB USB storage device for this price (a few cents more expensive than the others 8 GB in DX) ;- Works normally, just as any other USB Flash Drive (for data, for music, for movies. Can be used in the car audio system);- Has same speed as the others;- Helpful and beautiful;- 8 GB allows you to store a lot of data.
  • Just received it

    posted by Robin95

    * It looks like a rose, although I think it would look better if it were a red one.* It can be used as a key chain.* The top won't fall off of its own. It's too tight for that.* The USB plug isn't too tight or lose; You won't have to push hard to get it in, and it won't easily fall out of your computer's USB port.* If it's on a key chain, you won't notice that it's actually a USB drive until you pull off the top.* It looks as if it's one rubber object. You won't easily be able to tell there's a USB drive hidden inside it.* It's reported by my operating system to be 4.2 GB rather than just 4.0 GB, but this could be related to things like cluster size.* It came in a round box with soft material.
    I ran a benchmark on this. Results;* Minimum read rate: 17.7 MB/s* Maximum read rate: 20.7 MB/s* Average read rate: 18.4 MB/s* Minimum write rate: 2.1 MB/s* Maximum write rate: 5.5 MB/s* Average write rate: 3.0 MB/s* Average access time: 1.5 mshttp://i.imgur.com/PRHXGVL.png
    Seems like a good product. Not all that suitable for transferring big files, though.

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