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On this page, you can find a wide selection of usb flash bullet. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. You can find what you want at usb flash 8gb, compact flash usb. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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usb flash bullet Customers Reviews

  • No downsides!

    posted by Xarinatan

    -It's exactly what you hope it is.-It's a solid aluminium, gold COLOURED, Not even painted, that or it's done very well, it's coated in shiny gold paint inside-out.-4GB, Just like it says on the tin. (Comes preformatted FAT32, ready to use)- 5-6MByte/s WRITE speed, 35Mbyte/s(!) READ speed. Which is pretty nice for a USB stick this price.-Seems watertight! There's a rubber ring that would stop any water from seeping if you'd close it tightly. I'm not gonna give out any guarantees on this, but i personally would have no problem trusting it with my washing machine.-Awesome price for a really cool gadget
    Could be sold together with a neck strap, since it has a hole you can put a rope through.Doesn't kill people, yet gets you jealous looks.
    Definitely a worth buying product on dealextreme, if you're prepared to sit out the long shipping times ;PIt's a cool looking, sturdy gadget, that doesn't really feel like it's made in the 'china' china that gets you poor quality. Or something like that.Anyway, Said short, i like it. Buy it if you have doubts over buying it, because it's worth it.
  • Great novelty item!

    posted by Perkelehnet

    The looks are good, when tightend you can almost not see that it's two parts! The drive is as close as you can get 8GB as well, so no cheating there!
    Got a small hole, probably for a keychain or something like it. Could mabye have included a ring?
    It got the looks alright! Fun gift to anyone with an interest for guns, wargames and other weapon-related hobbies :)
  • Nice and large but slow

    posted by andbad

    Aesthetics nice and comfortable. The lid has a rubber seal, but not trust (or immersed in water!).The read speed is sufficient, but not very high.The actual capacity is about 7.4 Gbytes.
    I thought it was heavier, but it's aluminum, probably cable, very light.
    Do not expect great speed performance, indeed it is rather below average, but the appearance is nice and large capacity.The cost is appropriate.

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