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If you want to purchase usb female female, this is your best place to buy it. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. We recommend micro usb male female, female female usb cable as hot products. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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usb female female Customers Reviews

  • Compact hub of the perfect size for my use.

    posted by winebug

    I needed a hub of exactly these dimensions so it would fit a specific place on the desk. I use it to leave the USB cables plugged in. It is at an agreeable price.
    While I leave the hub in a specific place with the cables plugged all the time, I would be weary to use it as a portable USB hub with regular plugging in and unplugging of cables because the feel and visual build quality seems to not be great.
    Does what I need it to for an agreeable price.
  • Good converter for USB 3 fsb ports to mobo header

    posted by joewangtt

    good cheap value, works, good converter for USB 3.0 to USB 2.0
    Wish all cases or motherboards would just include this. See bottomline for review.
    This cable lets you convert the USB 3.0 headers on the front side bus of newer cases into USB 2.0 headers for motherboards that don't have a USB 3.0 connector. Works as advertised for my Corsair 300R case. Don't know about the durability of this product but being a cable I don't think it will break down over time.
  • perfect fit, good quality

    posted by Diesel4Driver

    perfect fit, good quality
    Shipping took a little bit long time. ;-) This cable-adapter is the perfect solution for the Raspberry! It fits perfectly and it only has a length of 10 centimeter. I also use this adapter for my Android mini tablet - so I only need one power supply at work.
    5.5mm x 2.1mm female to micro USB male
  • Nice build, cheap price!!!

    posted by KuroiAkuma

    Cheap, nice build, quite long enough
    I 1st purchased this to charge my ASUS Transformer but by the time it came I sold my TF so I couldn't test it with TF. Anyway it could be used to replaced 2.0 USB cable. Quite long enough. Now I'm using it to charge my iPad 2.
    The product is good but the service is so poor. I purchased several times from DX but this is the 1st time it take too long for the package to arrive. And I contacted DX many many time without any reply (ah yes, there's some but too late and I think it's the automatic replying system). Anyway now I got this
  • great price and quality

    posted by sam24

    Item as shown.Great price and quality.colored for easy coding.Perfect size.
    Would be nice to have other colors as well for easy coding.
    Great price good quality good value.

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