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usb external power Customers Reviews

  • Big capacity but small charge

    posted by skajwakr

    When I ordered the first it came in broken and I couldn't even connect it. Second one works fine, very portable. It doesn't get hot while charging or discharging. I use it to charge Nexus5 when there is no other available charger around. You have a nice indicator which says when it's charging (red) and discharging (blue).
    Usefull if you need to charge slowly. But if you're using it while talking on the phone or doing someghing else, it will take forever.
    Usefull if you're somewhere where there is no chargers around. But have to leave it long time to charge a telephone.
  • Does not include Power Supply

    posted by tz2026

    Huge capacity for the size/weight. For the few things I need to use it with, it doesn't add much size, but they will run a very long time.Can provide a wide range of voltages.Charges reasonably quickly for the capacity, and indication is clear.

    Wide range of adaptors.
    I would rate it higher if it included the AC adapter as pictured here (but not in the accompanying documentation). Even higher if it also had a car adapter. It also doesn't give a range around 18v/750ma so I don't know if my 19.5v laptop adapter would be safe, or if my 16.5v would work.

    The "voltage range" typically will mean, except for 5v (usb) devices, that it will be pack->adapter->device instead of pack->device. I don't know how they could keep it small yet allow finer setting of the voltage, but that is the only real technical complaint I have with it.
    As a USB charger, (if you have an 18v power supply available) I don't think there is any better pack for the money (under $10/1Ah). And the capacity is enough to run things for hours. They should include the recharger.
  • alot of usb ports in small price

    posted by roeeitz

    - Alot of usb port (7) - small device!- have external power supply which is good for devices that get the power supply from it like jopysticks, gamepads, External HDD and more...- very cheap for usb pors splitter with External power supply!
    This is really great for everyone who need more usb ports which is very popular in this days (every thing that connect to the computer use usb port form cameras, keyboards, mouses to External HDD and External Drive and more...
    This is very good device that everyone and each of us will find very useful cause alot of people need more usb ports and it the easiest way and its very accessible because you can put it right next to you, use it and connect the usb without bend or go anywhere!I bought it especially for my PS3 because I jailbreak my console to play clone games and the first usb port is taken by the Jailbreak donagle and the second usb port is taken by my External HDD and sometimes I need to charge my controlers and I can't connect my Eye toy Camera so this solve my problem. now I can connect 2 External HDD, charge 2 controllers, connect the Eye Toy camera also connect the jailbreak dongle and I will still have more free usb ports!
  • Great for emergencies

    posted by Sakokuruto

    -Charges my phone really fast! -The battery comes with a cap so that you don't damage the microusb. The cap is attached to the battery itself by a string so that you won't lose the cap itself.- The microusb is long enough even though my phone has a case of moderate thickness on it. (I'm not sure about otterboxes).- 4 little lights on it indicate when it's done charging and when it has no more juice left to give. - Very nice and compact size. I can easily fit it in my purse or pocket.
    I'm currently testing it out and had my phone at 64% on standby. It's been charging for over an hour (expressing that it's only at 1 charge light for a good 30 minutes) and my phone is already at 94%. I'm confident that it can charge my phone to full.
    If you know you'll be out for a long day and/or will be using your phone a lot, this should be enough to pull you through.
  • Very good

    posted by Aksarnerk

    Quality/price relation is good.As pointed out in the specs, it's USB 2.0.Acceptable build quality in shiny black plastic.Able to supply power to at least one 2.5" external HDD (sorry, not tested with more than one).Good separation between USB sockets (1 cm.).Suitable for wall mounting with two screws.
    As usual in these multiport hubs, it internally consists of a hub and a subhub.Hub USB Input: type B, female.Power supply output: 5V, 2A, US Plug.
    It's a very good purchase.


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