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  • Simply Great

    posted by Huugoo

    This has a capacity of 2200mAh! and the nokia one has 1600mAh same as product 44944. Definetly get this one! It also comes with an instruction booklet with English Simplied and Traditional Chinese instructions. written 2008 Nokia. All right reserved. lol The battery itself has also the nokia logo at front and at the back. It comes fully charged!
    Get it! It's cheaper than the geniue one a ton!
    It took 10 days for my order to arrive, but only 2 days of actual shipping time. I'm VERY pleased. Guess what? I live in Hong Kong! lol
  • Hub

    posted by Tarzanus

    - Good thing to have if you need toplug many USB devices into your PC or laptop.- It has it's own power supply which comes handy with USB HDDs or even USB DVD recorders.- It's small, looks great and you get little folder so it stands on your table.- USB 2.0 capable. Wouldn't even mention it, but some of other users reported, that they got USB 1.1 device
    It's always good to have one of these, because not all USB ports are capable of supplying 500mV and that's a must for almost all external 2,5" USB HDDs. Overall, I'm more than satisfied with this device, it could be better tho.
  • Does not include Power Supply

    posted by tz2026

    Huge capacity for the size/weight. For the few things I need to use it with, it doesn't add much size, but they will run a very long time.Can provide a wide range of voltages.Charges reasonably quickly for the capacity, and indication is clear.

    Wide range of adaptors.
    I would rate it higher if it included the AC adapter as pictured here (but not in the accompanying documentation). Even higher if it also had a car adapter. It also doesn't give a range around 18v/750ma so I don't know if my 19.5v laptop adapter would be safe, or if my 16.5v would work.

    The "voltage range" typically will mean, except for 5v (usb) devices, that it will be pack->adapter->device instead of pack->device. I don't know how they could keep it small yet allow finer setting of the voltage, but that is the only real technical complaint I have with it.
    As a USB charger, (if you have an 18v power supply available) I don't think there is any better pack for the money (under $10/1Ah). And the capacity is enough to run things for hours. They should include the recharger.
  • Decent but has flaws

    posted by Kamel85

    10 port support is great if you like have have a load of USB connected stuff, HDDs, controllers, card readers etc
    I like the design and the price, I just wish the adapter would provide some more power, as it is now its better to buy the one without adapter and buy a 5A one for it.
    If you dont need selfpower on all ports this works like a charm, otherwise conside buying one without a adapter and add a 5A yourself, i opened mine and it was well built
  • Cheap underpowered USB-hub

    posted by dlambers

    It's a really compact powered hub with a master port and 7 slave ports. 5 ports are on the front, 2 ports plus the master port and power supply connector are on the backside.
    Not much money for a powered hub, which is reflected in the build quality. The lack of a proper power supply makes it not really useful for me out of the box, I now need to find a 2A or 3A powered supply.


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