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usb dvb-t dongle Customers Reviews

  • Works in Linux

    posted by gibbyman

    I wanted something that works in Linux without a lot of tinkering - this one does.
    Been looking for a good and cheap USB-stick that works with Linux, as my old AverTV-stick didn't want to play with newer kernels. This stick only requires the download of a small firmware file from linuxtv.org that need to be copied to /lib/firmware/
    - Running Linux Mint Debian Edition with 3.0-something Kernel.
    Successfully scanned for and found several channels from the free-to-air DVB-T here in Spain.
    If you want a decent DVB-T stick at a good price that runs in Linux - get it!
  • Watch DVB-T under linux.

    posted by Andrevs

    Works perfectly with Linux.
    Kernel Module: dvb_usb_it913xNeed to install firmware dvb-usb-it9135 before use (For ArchLinux users: it is in the AUR repository)After installing kernel module, it shows up in tvheadend, adding frequencies for my country (the Netherlands) and scanning finds all the channels.I do not own a digitenne smartcard so I can only receive public and regional channels, but I have satellite tv for commercial channels anyways.
    Fine DVB-T receiver for use with Linux
  • Great for basic SDR

    posted by patrickwilkerson

    Bought this for playing with SDR (software defined radio), it works great, and you can't beat the price. I have not used the included remote at all, but looks like it could be used in other projects without too much work.
    I did not try the included software yet.
    If you want to get started with SDR this is the item for you.
  • It is linux compatible

    posted by cslev

    It indeed works with linux. To get it work you have to enable video4linux and DVB USB adapters in kernel. You can find the appropriate module in Device Drivers -> Multimedia Support -> DVB/ATSC adatpers -> Support for various USB DVB devices. There has to a line for it913x driver. All these settings has to compiled as a module. Then go to here: http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/ITE_IT9135 and follow the instructions.The bottom of the antenna is magnetic so you can put it on any iron surface. I put it on the radiator which is very close to the window
    I've never tested it in MS Windows
    have a nice tv stream
  • Very nice and easy to use

    posted by hoadn

    Very good quality, It turns your PC screen into a DVB-T TV receiver,ligh weight , very good easy compact IR remote controllerI use this to record tivi channel.It's was super, you can set time to record. I really love this. It's work both on my Windows 7 and xp.
    Nice to have! and must have for traveler :)
    Recommend, Good product. Buy it and you wont regret and totally worth the price. It could be excellent after fixing reported problems, HDTV especially!


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