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usb drive 4gb

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usb drive 4gb Customers Reviews

  • Great Product!

    posted by ridderk

    The USB-stick is very cheap.It's very easy to use (plug and play)It seems quite sturdy, doesn't look like it will get damaged easily (also, you can turn it, so the usb-end can't get damaged easily).Very good value for money.It's also very small. That does mean you could lose is more easily, but if you make sure to remember where you keep it, it's great that it's so small, so it's easy to take with you.Also, it's 4gb, which is more than enough to store a movie, photographs or documents.
    I only use it as a backup for important data (text documents). If you want to backup photo's or movies, 4gb is maybe a little small and you might want to consider a bigger storing device. If you are looking for a product that can store text documents, as a backup or to take with you for a presentation or something, this product is great!
    I use this product to store important data for me as a backup. It's small, light weight, very good value for money so I would recommend this product to my friends.I also quite like the design. It's simple but elegant. The option that it can turn is also very useful, to protect the usb-end of the usb stick. I have this usb stick now for about two months and haven't experienced any difficulties with it. I didn't need to install any software drivers to use it, but could just plug it in to my computer and start copying folders to it. I've tried it on several computers, and every computer has recognized it as a usb-storage device. I haven't tried it on linux/unix computers or mac's, but I would not expect any problems.
  • good

    posted by alicebmrocha

    It is a adorable product and is as small as it shoud be. Is not big and feat in my purse. it coud be a keychin but is not.It is lovely and good to use
    i LIKE THIS PRODUCT and I think you will like it tooI think it shoud come whit a line or wire to connect to key, ou to hold on to.Anyway I like it
    I enjoy this product becouse it is fun and usefull, that way a think all users will like it to
  • A great little USB drive

    posted by ALWest

    - this is a really cute little USB chain that I bought for my girlfriend, she loves it and keeps it on her keys. - her friends comment on it, and it is just as pictured, soft silicone rubber.- its rubber case means it is safe from damage, and the 'cap' is very secure. doesnt fall off.
    - great little gift. Everyone needs USB storage! consider this when buying gifts for children etc. its useful, cute and quite well built.
    - worth buying. looks great, good build, could be a little cheaper, but with free shipping, it works out ok.
  • A nice usb device

    posted by luz.ciro

    It's a pretty nice usb device, practical and usefull. The cord is long enough to take it in the neck and the figure of the turtle is well done and without deformities. The material is copper and aged look that gives a touch of sophistication to the device. Overall I liked a lot this purchase.
    I think this would be a good gift for a young woman between 15 and 20 years old.
    Good for it's price!
  • really nice drive, nice present

    posted by crazydrummer03

    very nice looks, and actual 4gb capacity;
    good build quality, since I have it no crystal went off and all the metal junctures are working perfectly;
    even the keyring is still working!
    a thing you should buy if you know someone who needs a flash drive, and wants it a little bit stylish..
    I've bought one for my mom, and she's still enthusiast!
    7 months after I bought it, it had given no problems and still works perfectly..
    and in style :)


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