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  • My best purchase on DX so far

    posted by Charger244

    The cable is plugged in both computers and a new drive is created; within this drive letter, the drivers are accessible and will be installed automatically if autorun is available (if not, double-click on SKLoader.exe).Once the two computers have run the application, they are linked and the mouse will switch over when brought to the edge of the monitor from one computer to the other.Here's the value: With my laptop, instead of using a standard KVM, I have no key to press or no switch to operate: the mouse will control both computers automatically.Also, and this is another huge plus: CTRL-C on one computer will make the content available in the clipboard to BOTH computers! You can CTRL-C on the laptop and CTRL-V on the desktop.Same thing for copying files, even drag and drop will work.This thing is a must if you use multiple computers.I use it with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit on my desktop and Windows XP 32-bit on my laptop, no issues whatsoever!
    An awesome product, the build quality seems good, the connections to the USB terminators are good.
    If you use more than one computer, buy it, it will save a lot of time and frustration compared to a KVM (although you cannot share a monitor with this connector.)
  • PC to PC usb data link cable

    posted by seaking

    the distance measured between the device usb connectors is 170cm and it is a good cable length for normal use. build quality is good. installation disc is not required to use the device because it is a plug & play device. once the usb connectors are plugged into the desktop PC and laptop, a pop up menu appears. the menu is very easy to use. to share the DVD/CD drive just click on the CD icon. for file transfer between PCs just click on the Laptop icon. my netbook does not have a DVD or CD ROM drive and i don't own any external DVD/CD ROM drive so this is a good device to use for sharing the DVD drive on my Desktop PC with the netbook.
    transfering files between PC to PC or sharing DVD/CD drive with another computer is so simple and convenient with this product. i always bring it along with my laptop wherever i go.
    this is a must-have gadget if you transfer lots of files between PCs and Laptops or you do not have a external DVD/CD rom drive to install softwares.


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