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  • Fuss free PnP, software update available

    posted by musicdiary

    Plug and works. I ran a software update and the installation instructions is in graphics, so it's easy to understand. After installing the KM Link software on both computers, the link is established and you can start to use the mouse of one computer to navigate across the screen to the other computer. It works!
    Transferring files across computers is easy too. Just copy from source computer, paste to target computer. Transfer rate is fast too. I estimated 20MB/s.
    If you use the mouse of computer A to move into computer B, then computer A's keyboard and mouse can start to use on computer B. Computer B's input devices can also be used concurrently. To release control of Computer A, Use Computer B's mouse to navigate outside the screen.
    Now, if you use the Computer B's mouse to move into Computer A, then the reverse will work! So there is no need to specify which computer is master or slave. It depends on which computer's mouse you move into the other computer. So smart!
    It's the cheapest device to share your keyboard and mouse across 2 computers. Previously I would need a traditional KVM setup which is cumbersome to install.
  • PC to PC usb data link cable

    posted by seaking

    the distance measured between the device usb connectors is 170cm and it is a good cable length for normal use. build quality is good. installation disc is not required to use the device because it is a plug & play device. once the usb connectors are plugged into the desktop PC and laptop, a pop up menu appears. the menu is very easy to use. to share the DVD/CD drive just click on the CD icon. for file transfer between PCs just click on the Laptop icon. my netbook does not have a DVD or CD ROM drive and i don't own any external DVD/CD ROM drive so this is a good device to use for sharing the DVD drive on my Desktop PC with the netbook.
    transfering files between PC to PC or sharing DVD/CD drive with another computer is so simple and convenient with this product. i always bring it along with my laptop wherever i go.
    this is a must-have gadget if you transfer lots of files between PCs and Laptops or you do not have a external DVD/CD rom drive to install softwares.


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