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usb data cable iphone pink

Welcome to our usb data cable iphone pink online shop. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. You can find what you want at iphone usb data charging cable, usb data cable iphone black. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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usb data cable iphone pink Customers Reviews

  • Nice Product

    posted by carolbalzary

    The colour is really nice, a light pink that's very cute and lovely. There are many different items in dx.com that match this colour also. The USB data cable is really well built, with nice quality and feels just like the original one, including it's length. The car charger is also really nice and looks really good. And I believe it's not just for the iPhone 4, I believe it fits any Apple related products...
    I don't really use the car charger, 'cause I just plug my iPod to the USB entrance on my radio and it charges automatically, but I believe it's very usefull for people who don't have radios with USB.
    It's cute, it's usefull and it's cheap. So just get it 'cause it's worth it. No surprises.
  • Its enough to listen music

    posted by abdelkader31

    They look just like the actual Earphones you recieve from Apple. This earphones are very good for the price. The sound is fine and good. It looks nice. The packaging is à perfect copy of the original ones from Apple
    Buy them if your just looking for a cheap replacement to your Apple Earphone's.
    A reasonable product. Sound quality good
  • Not bad if you are not in rush

    posted by acwen2

    Build quality was pretty good.It's been a month, my 8 yr old daughter still hasn't break it yet.
    The pink was a pretty nice darker pink.Doesn't look too cheap.The store photo showed the true colour of this charger.
    If you like pink & doesn't care about getting your device charge quick then this would be a perfect buy.
  • get it if you like pink, like me

    posted by fluffyby

    Been looking for this for a long time, finally I have found a matching ear piece and charging cable. Love it!
    I use this with one of the silicone cases. So it doesn't really fit so well. But I overcome this by using a pen knife to scrape one side of the ear piece connector just so that it fits properly.
    Get it if you like pink, like meGet it if you like pink, like meGet it if you like pink, like meGet it if you like pink, like me
  • great product

    posted by Natalianp

    This cable is very practical. I use the phone very connected to the computer and not have that pile of yarn wound on the table helps a lot.
    Ideal for those who like convenience and they do not like tangling wires. It also makes the environment more clean on your desk.
    It pays to have one of those. It's cheap, it's practical, fits anywhere, it is wrapped with the other threads and still have color option for those who like to vary.


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