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usb data cable i9100

You can easily find the latest low priced usb data cable i9100 offered at our online shop. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. usb data cable ipad and usb data cable hdd are the hottest keywords that customer use. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.
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usb data cable i9100 Customers Reviews

  • the good goods for good money

    posted by 555ANGEL555

    stylish designhigh quality of assemblydoesn't slide on a table and on glasssmall costcompactness and small sizewas suitable for my i9100 phoneit is possible to synchronize with the personal computer, at the same time to put on a charging, and with the personal computer to operate phone
    to me a little pognuty plug came, and I had to straighten itas it not to be pleasant to me that phone at me in a cover and to put on a charging, it is necessary to remove a cover
    the good goods for good money
  • Freedom

    posted by JordanLawson1

    You dont know freedom until you have a cord as long as this. I use it to charge my phone, and the length allows me freedom to move around and not worry about pulling it out of the wall.Solid build quality. Cable and ports are very durable.
    Ive always been wary of extra long cords, but this one ticked all the boxes. Solid build quality with no faults at all.
    Highly recommended if you want to be able to charge your device and feel free to move around without the fear of it pulling out.
  • Great Cable

    posted by projeto56

    A great cable, seems to be resistant and don't get permanently stretched (at least not until now).Quality of the rubber used on the cable is great. Purchased two of them, and i'm thinking of getting some more. Allow you to have a relatively long cable without the normal mess.
    For the price, the product surprised me for the quality. I can say it's much better than my samgung stock usb cable.
    It also smell great :)
  • Good deal for the price

    posted by pSiHa

    Pretty cheap product, considering that this cable costs 5 EUR in a store nearby this price is a bargain! Material looks good, it's not like those cheap cables which feel like a rugged material.
    They could have made the Mini USB pin without the locking pins below it so it will enter easier in the phone.
    The cable is ok for the price, I mean you can't expect anything cheaper than this right? :)
  • Cheap and compact, does the job.

    posted by DanielBenSasson

    It’s a must for every car, especially if you own an energy hungry phone as the Samsung Galaxy.I often try to conserver battery power to make sure I have the phone working till the end of the day, but now at least I can charge it while I’m driving.It’s so compact I keep it in the car’s ash tray just next to the power plug and I can even close the lid.
    Not sure how efficient is the charging, I have a feeling it is less effective than the wall plug charger but certainly more efficient than plugging it to a PC.It uses a standard micro USB to USB A cable, so if it breaks it can be easily replaced but on the other hand there is nothing to manage the cable.
    Very useful, simple and easy to use.

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