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You'll find the best usb cigarette for you here. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. 3 cigarette usb, 12v cigarette usb may be more suitable for you. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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  • A great conversation starter!

    posted by Satori42

    Lightweight, but durable. Heating element comes on in 1 second. For people who camp and smoke, it's absolutely ideal to have something both a light and a lighter that can recharge. Smaller than a large Bic lighter. LED button makes for easy signalling in the dark.
    I've had people suggest that the only thing this can't light is a pipe, and that we need a USB pipe like this. The ability to swap out the LED for other colors would be amazing, particularly for signaling and identifying while camping. Don't know if that's possible without breaking it trying to open it up. Touching the cigarette to the element isn't necessary; just near it instead may prolong the life of the element.
    This makes a great conversation starter whenever I go out to smoke. ("Hey, have I shown you my new toy yet?") People are generally fascinated and want to buy one off me for double the price. I can't keep a supply of these on me, they're gone before the next shipment's arrived. A great idea, and an awesome little sideline. A definite must-buy.
  • Charger for TomTom Carkit for Iphone

    posted by Jenslyn

    My original charger for my Tomtom carkit was broken, and i was looking for a new charger,I find in her on DX.COM and ordered it.I works fine, it charges the Iphone without problems when it ist placed i the tomtom carkit.The cable is 300 cm long and is long enough for even a very big car.
    Its cheap, works fine and the quality is very god.
    all i all a very god buy.
  • 4 -> 1 cigarette lighter adapter

    posted by capadonic

    we wanted to buy a adapter, but i didn't want to pay 25$ for it. so we always try to manage without. But now for this low price, we just bought it, and we can't miss it anymore!WORKS like a charm!
    We have two kids, and we are always having problems with devices that need to be charged in the car. we have a GPS, 2 headrest videoscreens, and sometimes when we are travelling we also need to charge our cellphones. We always managed to charge everything, but it was one big worrie! now we can connect the GPS and the two headrest videoscreens in the cigarette lighters, and the phones in the USB ports. This makes our life much easier.
    works great, but feels really light and cheap. but does what it needs to do, so if you want a cheap solution, do not hesitate.
  • Good quality but Doesn't fit tight enough in the cigaret lighter socket

    posted by emireal

    Good quality, my GPS charger fited tightly in the thre socket splitter. It has a fuse that one can replace without using toolsBuena calidad y hasta ahora probe mi GPS y calza muy bien en los tres enchufes. Tiene un fusible que se puede cambiar sin herramientas
    I dont think I will be able to use it unless I can find a way to keeo it in the lighter socket.No creo que pueda utilizarlo a menos que pueda hacer que quede enchufado.
  • Simple but usefull

    posted by adiepenbroek

    Easy to use. Just plug it in any of your cars' 12v connections and charge any of your usb devises (phone, navigation-set).Stable, doesn't break easily. Been using them for a while now. And bought some extras in case one of them failed. But thus far this hasn't happened, while similar lighters I used broke down after a couple of months.
    Handy to have a few of those lying around in your car, especially when you are travelling.
    Good, simple easy to use product.

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