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usb charging adapter

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usb charging adapter Customers Reviews

  • Good price and usefulness

    posted by soypilas

    Cheap and useful. It works perfectly with HTC mobiles, as well in cars with usb as with lighter. It is small and fits in every hole of my car
    I was looking for it in shops and stores, and they cost at least twice. The black colour is very nice and the length of the cable enough to charge the mobile
    I am very satisfied, I have saved about 3$ and without going to the shop. In 30 days i received it perfectly
  • Dual plug 2.1Amp

    posted by Zlay3r

    + Small fairly compact at least compared to other dual usb EU plug chargers.+ the plastic and the usb ports, seems to be of good quality compared to Chinese standards.+ charges Ipad (the one with lightning plug), and Samsung Galaxy xCover.
    price could be slightly lower maybe around 2.5-3.00 Dollars each (like the car plugs)the metal pins should be improved so they last a little longer, since some of them have a tendency to break quickly.
    So far I am satisfied with the product, however i wonder how long it will last since I will probably use it on a daily basis.That being said, I would recommend it to others over the expensiver buzzy noise making ones.
  • Can take you out of tight spots

    posted by Bill2010

    * A spare generic battery for Samsung devices (mine is a Galaxy S I9000B, from Brazil);* Can fit almost any plug standard on the americas;* Battery, even though it's a generic one, handles charge as well as original.
    Having a spare, full charged battery, can save you ass from tight spots. You don't have to worry about your cell phone running out of juice anymore. Just switch the battery and you're good to go.
    A must by for hard battery consuming devices, such as Samsung's. I can now leave it with 3G and Wifi turned on. The price is very good as well. A must by for owners of such devices.
  • simple and practical

    posted by Lisak33

    simple and efficient and cheapprice for the battery charger is very convenientprice for the battery charger is very convenient
    thing useful and practical for daily useI do not know what else to describe an ordinary battery charger :))
    thing useful and practical for daily useI do not know what else to describe an ordinary battery charger :))I do not know what else to describe an ordinary battery charger :))I do not know what else to describe an ordinary battery charger :))
  • Simple well built

    posted by Lombas

    The product is well built, wihtout any cheep materials. Has a nice connector, and the lenght of the cable is enogh.The connector for the car is well built also
    I have not any other thoughts, It's worth the buy. It's a simple device to power your cell phone in your car
    It's worth the buy, I recommend. Nothing else to say.The device is black, plastic, with a samll ring of metal in the builk conector

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