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  • Worked just a few tapes...

    posted by vliopard

    It really worked for me. I had many cassette tapes with old musics and lectures. They are now digital.
    Maybe I was out of lucky. So just mine unit were bad quality. Maybe you get a fully working unit, but you must bet and try yourself... The price is good even if it stop working on while recording the first 10 tapes.
    Even it stopped working I got satisfied due to I got many tapes in digital format till it stops to work.
  • Fully functional if only SD

    posted by aaroNiGHTS

    The device works extremely well. Just install the drivers and the software from the included CD and use an app called 'VivaStation' to capture and record stuff. On my PC there was no noticeable lag, playing games directly on this program was perfectly fine. If you wanted to connect a console to a Laptop to play games on the portable screen it should run fine. With the drivers installed the device is recognized as a universal capture device. It works fine with Ustream, Stickam and even Skype! If you really want to you can show Live game footage over a Skype call! Even though its SD the video quality over a component video connection is very crisp and clear. On a small laptop screen you might not even notice a difference.
    See some Xbox 360 gameplay recorded using this device here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkcNTj-3k3g&list=UUy7vaYbHvtmbA0DtE9kv_mw&index=1&feature=plcp
    This capture device works as advertised. I cannot find anything better for the price. A similar device from the company Roxio is 5 times the cost and that is also limited to SD. If you want to post console game clips online, Live Stream console titles or even connect a console to a Laptop and don't want to spend upwards of $150, this is the device for you.
  • (ALMOST) works as advertised

    posted by Glanjos

    It has a well finished device cover and cables. Also comes with a USB cable extensor.
    Quick detects video and although simple, the software is very intuitive and easy to use.
    Motion detection alerts via e-mail and audible alarm works fine.
    Also worked on Windows XP SP3 and Vista SP1 with no problem.
    It really should come with remote surveillance feature via web browser as advertised. It´d sell as water on a sunny desert. :-D
    If all you want is a DVR and/or just is going to watch de camereas through a PC monitor and receive alert by e-mail, it´s the right choice with a very good cost-effective price.
    If you want to watch from the internet wherever you are, you´d better consider buying another item. But the most simillar product costs about 40 dollars: sku: 15748. And I don´t know if it really works as advertised either.
  • Good for survaillance newcommers

    posted by MadCowTeaM

    Good build quality. It is great for novice users. It is good for the price and pretty easy to use. Cables are long enough. The software supported by the Card is also good enoufg and easy to use.
    Bether software would made it worth ewen more. The drivers and software for Linux and Mac would be also useful.
    With the right cameras and right software it is a great tool to play with and to build a basic survaillance sistem in your apartment (but for a house you need a more expensive one with time).
  • Good

    posted by DiegoOK

    small size, long usb connector, lightweight, with a simple user interface, intuitive, easy installation, good user manual.
    I do not know if the cable is of very good quality is a bit fragile but nothing that can spoil use.
    Great price, nothing more to say
    small size, long usb connector, lightweight, with a simple user interface, intuitive, easy installation, good user manual.

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