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Welcome to our usb camera camera online shop. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. Of course, you can find them from camera usb cable, wireless usb camera. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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usb camera camera Customers Reviews

  • good price quality ratio

    posted by polyoot

    It shipped in a timely manner. It arrived in good condition. I installed it and had a little difficulty getting it to work, but then it just started working. After that, I used it with my laptop and it installed first time with no problems. It may be that it has problems with Win7/64. The resolution is better than I thought.
    It is worth it, but I would have rather had the longer version, it just came out after I had already process my order. i will inspect pipes and i hope the quality is still good
    Get it, it is a benefit for many things. You can see inside the tighter areas of your desktop computer, you can inspect pipes and vents.
  • Good product!!

    posted by Tonydd

    I use this to see inside walls to help fish cables. It is small enough to easily fit in a 3/16 inch hole by itself, or tapped to a fish stck through a 5/8 inch hole. It has excellent resolution, and the light is an absolute must for these.
    It has also helped me find lost objects, and check venting systems. I also use it to look inside electrical boxes up and down for cables that have fallen out. This cam easily fits through the small holes in the electrical boxes.
    I'm not sure how I got the job done without it! It has easily paid for itself the first day. To see inside a wall before drilling or to help snake a cable through is very valuable to me
  • Fun Camera hands free but its not perfect

    posted by pss2010

    -Nice shades, blocks out enough sun and not too much-Fairly well made-Nice Design-Takes nice photos-Video is OK has some issues as will explain in the Cons-Battery Charging and Life not the best
    I tried all variations from googling forsetting the Data and Time stampregardless what I tried and I believeI did it correctly.. nothing change itonly when the battery run out did itreset.. the default data seems to start29 dec 2007
    They are cheap and can be usefuland lots of fun if your lucky enoughto get a real working pairQaulity Testing stamp on the sunniesmeans nothing to chinese obviouslyas if they did test them they find the same problems with charging and sound clickissues. also they didnt hire a english personto proof read and see if they couldfollow the manual.. I suspect they clonesanother manual and hardware which arentquiet compatible with this pair
  • Good but not Great

    posted by DendoRacing

    The camera was automatically recognised by both Windows XP and Linux for simple plug and play use. Waterproof camera head was great for probing my blocked drain.
    I got this camera to investigate a the cause of a drain blockage before digging it up. It worked reasonably well for this purpose and was much cheaper (and quicker) than getting a plumber.
    At the end of the day, this is nothing more than a waterproof web camera on the end of a very long cable. It won't produce the same detailed images as a professional endoscope but then it doesn't cost anywhere near as much either.
  • Simple cheap webcam. Does the job.

    posted by acnpp

    -Cheap-Simple-Compact-Nice cable with auto-rollup-Decent image quality-Lightweight-Good colors-Lens can be turned for focussing
    Worth the price.
    Simple cheap webcam. Does the job well. Compact, lightweight and has a nice cable that rolls up.Low in price, certainly worth the money.

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