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usb cable black 150cm

You'll find the best usb cable black 150cm for you here. Up to 50%! China's leading online retailer -- DX. Browse micro usb data cable or ide to usb cable to find what you are looking for. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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usb cable black 150cm Customers Reviews

  • Cheap, reliable, standard printer cable

    posted by pupopa

    Extremely cheap - Good/shop quality - Solid connectors - Quick delivery
    I bought a cheap printer that came without a cable. The local shop wanted me to pay the same price for a cable as I paid for the printer. I instantly ordered this cable from DX and it has been doing what it is supposed to ever since. Excellent alternative to weird local priority pricing! Nothing indicates that this cable differs from what you buy locally in any way.
    Excellent choice if you need a printer cable.
  • OK but some problems

    posted by gandhy007

    The cable seems very resistant, with anti interferences module on it.The cables don't move in it, so i think this cable will be resilient.
    I would recommend it for the lengh and the anti interference module, but not for use with USB hub.
    Average product, but OK for most uses
  • PC to PC usb data link cable

    posted by seaking

    the distance measured between the device usb connectors is 170cm and it is a good cable length for normal use. build quality is good. installation disc is not required to use the device because it is a plug & play device. once the usb connectors are plugged into the desktop PC and laptop, a pop up menu appears. the menu is very easy to use. to share the DVD/CD drive just click on the CD icon. for file transfer between PCs just click on the Laptop icon. my netbook does not have a DVD or CD ROM drive and i don't own any external DVD/CD ROM drive so this is a good device to use for sharing the DVD drive on my Desktop PC with the netbook.
    transfering files between PC to PC or sharing DVD/CD drive with another computer is so simple and convenient with this product. i always bring it along with my laptop wherever i go.
    this is a must-have gadget if you transfer lots of files between PCs and Laptops or you do not have a external DVD/CD rom drive to install softwares.
  • Aula Dark Magic Scorpion Review

    posted by loloking2

    - Very good building quality with sturdy plastic.- Well and evenly lit, nice bright red colour.- Feels VERY comfortable when using.- Taking various positions with your hand holding the mouse and it will always feel natural.- Very good and acurate sensor.- Nice software to configure the mouse.- Strong cable.
    - Pattern on the mouse looks sweet!- Mouse light is set to blinking (fade-out/fade-in) as standard. You need to use the software to make it be continiously lit.
    Very good mouse for a decent price, if you like low and bumpless mice and want to have a quality gaming mouse I advice buying this.
  • Great price, very practical

    posted by vodkaah

    This is a great cable; there are lots of MHL connectors, but this one is great as it can plug in directly to the back of the TV input, and comes with the power cable (most TVs now have a USB connector too). Cable is long enough so that you don't need to have the phone behind the TV.
    I would like it of the cable that attaches in order to give power was just built in, instead of separate; but I guess this way it's good if you don't have a USB port nearby and you can use a longer cable. Have not tested anything at 1080p, but I don't need hi res video like that on my phone. 720p or even lower is fine.
    Very practical.


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