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usb built-in Customers Reviews

  • Excellent

    posted by tenpou

    One of the best WiFi adapters I owned. Due to difficult access conditions (~10m, several walls to AP) I went through a lot of them, and this one works great.The chipset is indeed Realtek 8191SU, very stable performance. Completely plug-n-play under Linux.The connection Bit Rate is constantly 150 Mbps, never drops. Can get to 300Mbps if the AP supports it.Cheaper than similar USB dongles on the site. (It doesn't need an external antenna to get great signal)Gets warm, but doesn't overheat. Build quality is good.
    It's slightly bigger than mini-adapters out there, but it's worth it, since it doesn't overheat. It's not distractingly big.
    I had a thumbnail-sized dongle with Ralink RT5370 before, and in the same conditions with the same AP it was flaky like hell, speeds 6Mbps-72Mbps, d/cs, etc.This one works perfectly @150Mbps.Important note: To get the adapter to work @ 300Mbps your access point should be set up with Channel Width = 40MHz. Normally, it's not done since there's a lot of interference on wider channels. With (common setting) 20MHz you'll get 150Mbps max.
  • Really good!

    posted by meatball

    Very cheap an good! The quality is normal. Really fast working.
    Using a rechargeable batteries maks the player work longer.
    The best player i have seen on this type.
  • Camara

    posted by jfcarvalho

    Gostei da praticidade que ela oferece, apesar de ser pequena tem um imagem rasoável e o microfone funciona muito bem. como é pequena pode ser colocada em qualquer lugar
    deveria haver outra forma de prender a camera pois tentei prender no meu pc e ficou desajeitado
    em geral pelo preço e tamanho da camera, ela não deixa a desejar, além de voce poder carregar ela para onde quiser
  • Excellent quality cam , affordable

    posted by Annaroi

    affordable price- there are cheaper cams but in the case of this one it is worth it to pay a little bit extra.Excellent zoom qualityPlug and play device- no need to seek for drivers for win7 . Took really fast to install and operate.Useful for all the general cam uses on a pc- skype, conference calls etc.seems stable, not as delicate as the other cams I have owned before.
    buy it if you need a cam that is affordable, useful and the picture quality is good.if you want something in between - not the usual pc cams on the one hand (which are fragile and the picture is pixeled) and not an HD expensive cam on the other hand, this is a cam for you.
    I would get another one for my 2nd pc.
  • Awesome little web cam.

    posted by Sigfa

    Really cheap and little web cam. Cute as hell and super easy to use. Pretty great image quality.
    Really great sound too. Or so I was told by my friend on the other side of Skype... :P
    Buy this cam. No doubt.

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