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  • Excellent product

    posted by myepesa

    Excellent products is very sturdy and good quality would thoroughly recommend. Very well packaged to avoid damage, the usb cable is of good quality, the finished product is of very good quality I really liked it.
    congratulate DX by offering technology approach to Latin American online buy their products as cheaply thank you very much
    I hope to sell more products Funduino very very good products remain fascinated by its quality
  • A good purchase

    posted by krejcim

    My experience is very positive, everything worked on first connection and without nemenšího problem. Dimensions and overall design exactly match, used parts are fine.Delivery was very quick to the post office in the Czech Republic.I will definitely buy many other modules and sensors Arduino
    Thanks DX for a wide range of all kinds of shields for Arduino and I'd recommend to supplement the offer as of the CAN-BUS Shieldhttp://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/canbus-shield-p-1240.html
    I recommend as a good, sensible buy for reasonable money
  • Excelent board

    posted by popliviustefan

    Excellent board. The soldering is very good, no loose pins. From the original Duemilanove it has the all the six analog input pins and 6 digital I/O pins exposed with 3 male-pin connectors for easy connection of sensors
    It is very good for experimentation and for another 2-3USD you can get an spare IC and program it with the board. This may come in handy after a failed experiment that leaves you with a bricked board. Just replace the IC and you are good to go!
    Excellent for experimentation/learning. If you plan to use it in an actual project plan ahead and see if the pins are enough for your project. If not, the Funduino Mega (SKU: 256335) is an almost drop-in replacement, and has a lot more pins and 3 additional external interrupts.
  • cubieboard made easy

    posted by dadinow

    easy to get cubieboard with all to tools needed (usb serial ; sata cable)and the box.not yer fuly tested (gpio and bradboard flashing led ;) ) it work out of the box.Do not forget to have a hdmi cable.their is no vga output ( at least vga connector)If you want vga you have to connect to the correct pin a use somme little electronic part (aka buffer)
    you may be interestd by the Cubian aka debian on cubiboard.
    Do not expect to make a computer desktop without a few tweaking
  • Bought a bunch

    posted by UOWDMC

    Small, low power, modable device. I bought a dozen for students to use when they want to add non-interactive sound/music to their media-arts projects (or interactive where un-soldering and manually wiring the buttons is enough). Often a full arduino+mp3 shield is overkill!
    Will need an amplified output (eg cheap computer speaker set) unless very low volume is acceptable.
    If you need to simply add sound or music to something, this is likely a solution worth considering

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