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Finding your favorite usb black light is easy in our product catagories. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Browse 12v black light or black fog lights to find what you are looking for. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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usb black light Customers Reviews

  • Loved the article!

    posted by Rasulik

    Easy, fast, sensitive, lights, lots of buttons, long cord, versatile, easy to hand rests etc.
    I want to say that if it is well suited to play in the game for her as I do and I'm working. If you have purchased this product and saw two buttons next to the mouse wheel with a pattern of plus and minus it means that: increases the sensitivity of the mouse plus and the minus of course reduces the sensitivity, so that you do not accidentally reduce the sensitivity of the atom itself will be tormented in the games! Tested on games such as: Left 4 Dead 2, Batlefield 3, 4, Call of Duty MW3, Black Ops 1, 2, Ghost, and many others
    In the end, I want to say and wish you all a pleasant game!
  • Good lamp for modest money.

    posted by Smaginf

    Good lamp for modest money. The perfect place for a light desktop when working on the computer or when reading books. Power is supplied from the USB connector. The size of the lamp was a little less than I expected, but it is not critical, light it gives enough even with its small size. Comes in a good factory packaging. The small size facilitates easy transportation, you can take with you on a trip.
    Good lamp for modest money. A great product. I recommend to buy. Power is supplied from the USB connector. The small size facilitates easy transportation, you can take with you on a trip.
    A great product. I recommend to buy.
  • Bang for the buck!

    posted by krofinski

    - Great resolution.- Excellent for QC - Easy to operate- Useful SW included. Very easy to take snapshots and take measurements on them- Build quality is reasonable for the price
    - I got it in a special offer. It might be slightly more expensive now, but it is still a bargain .- Very useful also as an educational tool, (biology comes into my mind, for instance)
    - One of the best products I've got on DX- Lot's of fun while using it :-)
  • Great LED light for your laptop / netbook

    posted by ektorbarajas

    - Price: it's very affordable, and less expensive that similar products in my country- Very compact design, doesn't take much space when used or when stored- The 3 LEDs provide very good light to your keyboord in completely dark environment - Very convenient if you want to use your laptop in your bedroom and not disturb your wife =)- The flexible neck works very good, it allows you to move the lamp and the lamp stays in that position- the LEDs are protected by a transparent silicone cover, which avoids you damaging the LEDs accidentally
    - Even that for big sized laptops the neck is a bit short, it's not a big issue, because it lights the keyboard very good and his compact design make it portable, so you can carry it with among your laptop in the same bag
    I strongly recommend this product, as mentioned earlier, even in complete darknes it lights the keyboard very well !! no longer need to turn on the room light or the desk lamp.
  • bright

    posted by golob

    Small, bright, has a small latch for hanging with peace of string or key chain, can be plugged in in both ways ( it has usb contacts in both sides just like apple lighting connector).
    It can be plugged in in both ways, this makes a huge difference against other similar products.Buy one for ever battery bank!
    Great for any pocket which already holds battery bank. Just latch it to peace of string or key chain and take it everywhere.Great for lighting tight spots behind desk or under bed, you only need usb extension cable and you will easily find lost objects.


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