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usb audio card

Finding your favorite usb audio card is easy in our product catagories. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. You can find what you want at micro usb audio, usb audio plug. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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usb audio card Customers Reviews

  • MP3 Player

    posted by BarbaraPozg

    it's cheap, easy to use, looks good- especially if you're into retro look-, it' really small, but I guess it can be a pro for some people or a con for the others, and it can have song as much as your sd card can hold so it depends on you
    it's prefect for people who just want something to listen their music on and like the retro style of this mp3 player, it's small so it fits every pocket, and it's really cute
    I recommend this product, it's cute and useful and pretty cheap
  • Good product for the price

    posted by MadCowTeaM

    It is a good novice Monitoring Capture Card with support for 4 cameras. It is good enough for the price and pretty easy to use. It is well build and the cables are long enough. The software supported by the Card is also good enoufg and easy to use.
    This Capture card is well enough for beginners, and may also be use in real situations for real Survailance. But sooner or lather you may start to wish you would have a bether one and then you wil buy a 200$+ system, but for the start thisone is good enough.
    If you want to play, watch what happens when you are away and be notifid when in the time you are away someone plays in your playground then this is for you. But when you plan to equip your property you probably should spend 10X more to be realy safe.
  • Nice sturdy powerfull little usb audio card

    posted by amonradeal

    Quick to install, sturdy case.Debian recognized it automatically, the sound is clear, crisp.Not tested for the microphone, though.
    This is a replacement for my burnt sound card and it just does it's job : plays nice and loud ( I was afraid of not having enough power ) .I'm quite happy about it.
    Nice bargain, I will certanly buy another one just for spare.
  • Great USB sound card

    posted by ianvantiel

    works perfectly under XMBC without installing extra drivers.I needed a usb soundcard for my xbmc htpc this one works perfectly without any trouble. plugged in the spdif cable and it worked.
    cant tell you anything about the driverdisc cus i didnt need it. shipping could be better, package was damaged on arrival.
    great usb soundcard for the right price, works perfectly, sounds great for DTS and DD 5.1
  • Great sound card!

    posted by Blacktxandy

    It has 2 SPDIF interfaces (one in and one out) and can transform your notebook into a full surround sound system. You can plug more than one mic and line in on your computer. Building quality is really good, came with protections on the SPDIF connectors. Simple USB mini cable (just enough to plug it on your computer and have some room left to put it anywhere).
    If you need an external sound card, dont buy this! this is a more sofisticated sound card. If you need a 5.1/7.1 device, buy this one, because its really 5.1 (haven't tested the 7.1 functionality).
    Buy it!

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