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usb air cooler Customers Reviews

  • This Air Conditioner is very usefulness!

    posted by lwmirkk

    It is easy to use, is very useful for all hours. The price is excellent, at least compared to the prices of large air conditioners. Another important point is the quality of the material, nor does it seem that the price is so good, it's very useful for any time, easy to connect and can be used in USB computer to save batteries. With rechargeable batteries (purchased separately) lasts about 48 hours straight on. This is the second I buy. I would recommend, is simple, useful and inexpensive, it is worth every dollar.
    I recommend, can not be compared to a large air-conditioned $ 500. But it helps cool enough.
  • The best in market, would buy again

    posted by fhparreiras

    Stronger ventilationBetter material, qualityNice cooling effect
    You can put near your desk aimed on you, is wonderfull during summer timesDuring class, the close and warm rooms, you will have a nice cooling effect
    Very nice, i will buy again and give as gift for my friends, this fan is the best on marketing when we talk about portable hanheld air condition
  • Mini Handy Cooler Air Conditioner

    posted by grasnal

    A simple idea : to wet a sponge that is in a near contact with a fan and so absorbs the humidity and send it on the air.
    Nice construction and the several options of colors is very nice.
    It could be more affective, at least I have expected it. It helps a few but not solves at all. I guess it could be better. I am trying to do the same with a refrigerated computer fan and a peltier effect sandwich. Of course the spent of money and batteries will be higher but I deeply believe it would be better.
  • Great!

    posted by beatrizkahwage

    It's cute, cheap and it really works! I walk around with it all the time, specially when I'm riding a bus or a train. I also use at my home when I'm using my laptop. It really cools up the air! Not sure if the temperature goes down to 15ºC, but it certainly gets colder! It's certainly a must have!
    I asked one in the color blue, yet it came in gray. But nothing to worry about, it's cute anyway and it's functional, which is the best part!
    nothing to say.


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