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usb aaa Customers Reviews

  • Very good

    posted by DJnegocio

    Yes, I liked this mouse, because of many things like: it's use a dual AAA battery, you can use rechargeable battery like an Enitime, for me works during 4 weeks without recharge, it has a auto-off features after a long time it auto-switch off, it has a high sensible movement, then setup as your necessity, the usb connector can be store in bottom side the mouse. It has a good package too, storing the mouse safetly.
    Will be nice if it came with rechargeable AAA batteries inside the box.
  • Great product!

    posted by Eric1987

    It's a great clock, with a original wood design. Very tiny, excellent to have near bed. The light it's very powerful and can be seen for the very distance. It's has a dimmer for the like, so when the night comes it reduces its lighting power.The quality is also pretty good.You can use it with batteries or the USB cable.I'm very happy with it.
    none that i can think right now.
    It's a really good product, the price is not the best but it's not bad for its quality. I really recommend it if you want to renovate your old clock.
  • Good for people with poor eyesight

    posted by wks79

    Bright enough to view in dark rooms. Bought with the intention for my grandmother who cannot see normal clocks well enough (even those with backlights). There are other colours but I though this would be the brightest and least distracting.Has a internal battery to keep clock running in time if there is no power to the display. The battery is replaceable (forgot to check the size but they're normal cell batteries). Includes a USB cable to power direct from USB ports (i.e. PC, laptops, AC adaptors etc).Allows settings for 3 alarms at different times. Also provides options to switch between 24 and 12 hour notation. Displays optional temperature but no too accurate because the sensor is internal and reacts slowly to surroundings.
    The temperature display CAN be turned off (unlike some other posts and reviews here) by pressing the [SET] button until it displays **-2 ... which I'm guessing means display pattern 2??!? Pressing [SET] again moves it back to **-1 which alternates between time and temperature.
    Get this (or the other colours if you prefer) but don't forget the adaptor.
  • Great

    posted by dan234

    Great wireless combo, seens to be genuine logitech in the box you ll find a simple manual with english language included, a holographic sticker in the box for warranty purposes, 1 year warranty, comes with bateries (GP alkalines), the combo has a great design, the mouse fit nicelly in my hand, and run smothly, the keyboard is very light also is spill resistant, have holes in the bottom to drain fluids, multimedia keys with calculator, volume, playback, internet, PC turn off functions.
    best wireless combo in DX if you are looking for one u sholud buy this one for sure!!
  • made for car lovers

    posted by KazeZero

    its really small, fits right in the hand, have a excellent response for my commands, really easy to install and use (just plug the adapter and you're done)
    Its very useful. I really recomend the use of 2 AAA Batterie pairs. When 1 par is dry, the other can supply the minimouse time enough to the first pair completed charge
    Excellent product, with a reallu usefull energy save time, but consume more then i thought


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