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You'll find the best usb a male for you here. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. Of course, you can find them from usb a cable, usb 3.0 a. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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usb a male Customers Reviews

  • Great product

    posted by DoYou

    Really small.Doesn't have an outsticking mini USB plug, which decreases the chance for it to break.Nice enough design.
    I like the item, and the general idea behind it. Everyone should have one of these, just in case.
    Really useful item. I had great need for it, but as pointed out before, it would be smart to just add it to the basket "just in case". You never know when you might need one of these.You might consider "sku.28991" with it, so you'll have it both ways :)
  • Works like a charm, but the price could be lower

    posted by lgmoreira

    - It is well built, but it is a little loose on some USB connectors.
    - The small size makes it perfect to carry.
    - If you travel a lot, it saves you from carrying a USB x USB cable + a USB x miniUSB cable. Just take the first one and this adapter.
    - Allows you to connect mini-USB devices (like cellphones) directly to the USB connector of the computer (without need of cables).
    - Did I mention it is really small?
    It is a good item to have in your pocket/drawer/toolbox if you have a handful of USB device that use miniUSB connectors.
    I do not regret from buying this item, but DX could make it less pricey.
  • Excelent

    posted by Rodrigossss

    I bought to use in a decoder (skybox) to release the usb input which is currently the wi-fi adapter, unfortunately to no avail, because the unit does not have the option to configure properly.More works perfectly on the router.The material is very sturdy and small, and the USB ports have RJ 45 quality
    Should report equipment that is compatible with the device facilitate enough.
    Work is to search for the device you want to use.nothing to declare
  • Very well built quality

    posted by Staletic

    Well built, strong plastic, price, works without any problems
    I'm using 3 Transcend USB HDDs and original cables were very bad. Out of 3 cables, 1 disassembled by it self, 2nd is on its half way to die and 3rd still works fine. Unfortunately I couldn't find USB Y cables anywhere in my country so I decided to order it from DX. After arrival I was surprisingly with their well built. It's much better then original cables.
    If you are using USB HDD and your Y cable died, this cheep and well built cables are absolutely right choice.
  • simple working cable

    posted by oioioioi

    I needed a USB cable for a printer and the cheapest USB cable I could find in my local USB store was more than five times more expensive than this one.I was able to connect the printer to the computer successfully with no problems at all. After all it is just a cable.Cable length is alright as well.
    It is a simple but handy USB cable. It may be ugly or not the best quality but it works perfectly and just does the job... and above all, it is certainly cheap

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