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The perfect usb 3.5 usb 3.0 here to meet all your needs. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. Of course, you can find them from 3.5 card reader usb 3.0, hdd enclosures usb 3.0 3.5. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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usb 3.5 usb 3.0 Customers Reviews

  • Plug & Play Win XP & SKU35681 USB3.0

    posted by onobuo

    Plug and Play with WinXP and using USB3.0 interface card SKU35681.
    Really fast USB3.0 throughput
    Very common 12V power supply with standart 5mm plug
    Used with Samsung and Seagate up to 1.5TB with no problems
    Very usefull if you have many gigabytes of High Definition videos and instead of backup on DVD you can backup on HDD. It is much faster and you will free a lot of space
    Very convenient to have a device like this for backup purposes
  • In daily use for over a year, good speed

    posted by filar

    Fast transfer, litte or no difference between this and eSATA docks with normal hard disks. Seems well built. No hickups, I have insert disks at least 1000 times into it.This docking supports 3TB disks, unlike others that support only up to 2TB.
    It is a little large, but that means that it is stable.
    Good value for the money. Fast.

    posted by surajnaircpgc

    Handy, Easy to use, Sleek Body, Easy Installation-Looks great. Easy to carry.Best thing is the High speed data cable ( even though its short but still great) Overall I would still give it a SOLID -10/10..
    Best Buy for 1/2 TB hard drive
  • Mass storage at the touch of a button

    posted by roderix

    Makes your mass storage portable.Instant avalilability of your archived data. USB 3.0 interface is fast! Ideal for those PCs that have all SATA interfaces in use.
    Using the same enclosure, power supply could be placed inside it, so that you don't need to carry along so many cables.
    A good interface for those hard drives that are not always in use. (And you don't want them spinning all day long inside your PC).
  • Good results so far

    posted by laser.james

    I have only used it to connect to one hard drive to my PC and it seemed to work very well. I used a Western Digital 2GB 3.5" SATA II Drive (WD20EARS).*easy to use, plug and play*fairly small form factor*decent build quality*Good speeds (70MB/s consistent write on USB 3 on my Asus P6T and Asus USB 3 PCI-E controller [transferring from my internal drive. only test performed yet])
    Both SATA connections on the device do work, though I haven't used two drives at the same time though it yet (will use forum feature below if I do and share results).I threw the software out straight away and haven't used the OTB or anything.
    I am very please with this. Good buy. Would recommend (in fact I did and my friend is also pleased)


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