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usb 3.0 to Customers Reviews

  • Excellent products

    posted by xblade2007

    Very good product for the price it out. Having cable helped a meter long that is not ducking every time you connect USB devices and keep them handy.great quality.. very useful.. easy to use..
    Recommended, is very usefull for people who connects and disconnects this kind of artifacts very often.buy this item if you don't have usb3.0 front panel..
    It is a great cable for a great price. durable material great quality.durable material great quality
  • Great product. Better Price

    posted by ambroseg1

    Great product that allows older motherboards without USB 3.0 support to utilise all the ports in today's modern personal computing desktop cases which normally have two USB 3.0 ports on the front of the case.
    Price is really good value for money as well. Only small problem I had was with the length of time it took to deliver. I received this product after more than 1 month of waiting. I was beginning to think I would never receive it.
    Great product. Even better price. Would recommed.
  • Good construction, data transfer is perfect

    posted by abusch

    Well made, sturdy cable with quality connectors at both ends. The fit to a microUSB3.0 socket is perfect and secure. Data transfer is capable of full USB3.0 speed provided your device can handle it.
    I would recommend this for anybody with a USB3.0 capable phone, as it allows for much faster data transfer and also higher charging current than a standard USB2 cable would.
    Solid construction, good connectors, and expected data rates. Good cable!
  • Excellent card.

    posted by JuanAlv

    This card allows to obtain very high speeds by adding also two USB ports new that can be powered externally for devices that need it. It is a very stable in its compartment card be full format, not the Strait which requires an adapter to limit his lateral movement in the compartment of the PC.Regarding its installation is very simple thanks to the disk that accompanies it, read correctly the CD since sometimes there may be problems with the MiniDisc that accompanies certain cards and requires search drivers on internernet, doing more after the installation process.
    Good buy at a very good price to upgrade ports USB 2.0 to 3.0.
    Simply perfect acquisition.
  • A good product if you're dumb like me

    posted by sdmacleod

    You can't buy the component parts for cheaper.Works exactly as described.Labelled so you'll remember what the heck it is years from now.Well-assembled.If you've got a case with USB3 front ports, but a motherboard with no USB3 headers, this is what you need.
    I bought a USB3 header-two-port USBA adapter - only to discover that I had no USB3 headers. So I got this. Won't probably use it much, but I have it.
    Does what it describes. Better to avoid the need for it maybe?

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