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usb 3.0 sata

Finding your favorite usb 3.0 sata is easy in our product catagories. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. We recommend orico usb 3.0 sata, usb 3.0 speed as hot products. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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usb 3.0 sata Customers Reviews

  • Great cradle!

    posted by AndyR89

    Simple to use and install drives. No software needed, just plugs in and away you go. Good quality materials used.
    It doesnt get much easier to use than this device. Gives flexibility of hot-swap drives, and portability if needed too. Good quality materials, and definitely value for money in my opinion.
    If you need the features of a hot swap cradle AND a portable case for SATA drives, you cant go wrong with this one.
  • Sturdy USB 3.0 external case

    posted by mike001

    Nice snug fit for hard drive, nice and tidy looking unit, appears to be a decent cable quality and build. Works at USB3.0 speed. Works as expected.No external power source required.
    Resonable quality, fast USB3.0, 2.5" HDD external case for the price. Easy 1 button to open the case, no screws or other fiddly clips or whatever. Seems solid and durable.
    I would consider buying another one of these... In fact I did.
  • Good Buy

    posted by ocap112

    *Super fast*Takes up very little space*Build quality is good*Stable
    Iwe used this on a tripp with an old MacBook Air SSD disk and a http://www.dx.com/p/apple-macbook-air-ssd-convert-to-sata-22p-converter-adapter-w-pack-of-install-screw-black-139438Could be the other part that takes time to boot up, but it usualy takes about 10-30 seconds to mount the disk the first time. Iwe used a 13" rMBP and Finalcut to edit material from my GOPRO Hero 3, and have worked great to work from an SSD. The first time i started it i had to plugg the second usb (2.0?) to power before it would boot. Culd be that i was eeger and didnt wait the time it takes to mount. Mounts faster with external power, once its mounted it works great with good speed.
    If you want something that is easy so use, and want to be able to mount different disks, and fast aswell, this is a good option.
  • Good enclosure, but doesn't work properly at USB 3.0

    posted by avelinocr

    It's a well made enclosure: the sides are made with resistant and durable steel, the inner controller board have high quality. The cooling fan really helps preventing overheat on your hard drive. It's easy to open and connect the device, comes with extra screws for fixing the HD inside of the enclosure.
    Maybe they don't tested this product for transferring too much data at once on USB 3.0 connection.
    It's a great product but unless mine was defective, it can not be considered USB 3.0 since it will only work for reading, writing files at small amounts at time (what usb 2.0 is already good for). The primordial vantage from USB 3.0 is the great speed to move lots of data fast and that's not possible here.
  • Perfect

    posted by Buzzlight

    This unit is easy to fit, drivers installed automatically with windows 7. High speed usb 3 & Sata connections are great. Supports apple fast charge if you hook up the extra power cable.
    If you need a quick easy upgrade to USB3 or extra High speed sata connections, this is the easiest way to do it. The unit seems fairly robust, easy to fit and simple. It comes with a driver disc and instruction sheet. Although for windows 7 it didn't need the disc, it just worked.
    Great and easy, if you need it, buy it, you wont find better. Does exactly what it says.

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