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usb 3.0 drive Customers Reviews

  • Great cradle!

    posted by AndyR89

    Simple to use and install drives. No software needed, just plugs in and away you go. Good quality materials used.
    It doesnt get much easier to use than this device. Gives flexibility of hot-swap drives, and portability if needed too. Good quality materials, and definitely value for money in my opinion.
    If you need the features of a hot swap cradle AND a portable case for SATA drives, you cant go wrong with this one.
  • Fine product

    posted by EranYaacobi

    Very low price.Build quality is quite good - I have used this product for quite a while, and it still works properly despite receiving some (minor) blows.
    Reaches the stated writing speed.
    Good product.If you need a USB flash drive to move files between devices, without waiting a lot of time while copying, and without the need to delete files from it due to lack of disk space, this is an excellent choice, for a very good price.At the time of the purchase, USB flash-drives of the same size, but lower speed (USB 2.0), cost almost twice as much.
  • Pretty good

    posted by Ketse89

    USB-cable included. Screwdriver included. Even has carrying pouch.Also works good, speed is fast and constant.
    Nice looking. Dark shiny violet that looks almost black.
    For the price this is pretty decent. If you can spare more money, I suggest you get some else enclosure that provides better protection for hdd. But if you don't want to spend lot of money for enclosure, I recommend this one for you.
  • No problem.

    posted by Flar3star

    Simple Plug and play type of deviceUses USB 3.0 (true speed)This is Not some China thumbdrive con where they put a weight inside and a simple thumbdrive :3Good built , parts are all attached properly without some screws missing or anything like thatReal 320GB space (not some overlap space)Works like a charm like how you will get out a shop.
    Nothing much , it does what it say it does. Simply perfect for storing stuffs the faster way.
    Superb device, easy and simple , superbly portable and quite thin. Been using it to store tonnes of stuff , no corrupted issues what so ever. It is like buying it off d shelves.
  • Good product

    posted by PhDGreg

    It's what is claims to be - a 32GB USB3.0 flash drive. No problems detecting and using it in Windows 7 x64. The cap attaches with a firm click - unlikely to fall off and be lost (although this is of course still a possibility).There's a hole to attach a lanyard in the corner of the black part of the base of the drive.I like the shape and build - solid feel, and the groove in the centre gives it a nice shape (and also makes it easy to know which drive you've grabbed if it's in the dark or around the back of your PC).It's quite small - easy to carry around in a pocket.Transfer speeds are fast, but but I'll leave it to others to give more thorough details about that. Copied about 1.3 gigs (4 files) onto it in under a minute... average speed of 28MB/s.
    With 32GB and USB3.0 speeds, it's a convenient way to move media files around. I purchased it for storing media to watch on my TV and it works well for that.Price could be a little lower given that USB3.0 flash drives are becoming more common nowadays...
    Good buy.

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