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usb 3.0 cable Customers Reviews

  • Does not amplify USB2.0 signal

    posted by Malvineous

    Works without external power, but external power can be supplied if required. Multiple cables can be connected together to extend the range.
    The cable does not appear as a USB hub so it is transparent to the operating system and the USB device.
    This cable will work well if you only intend to connect USB 3.0 devices downstream of it. If you intend to connect USB 2.0 devices as well, you may want to consider other options. A 5m passive USB 2.0 cable tends to operate close to the limits of the spec, so you may get unreliable operation with this one. Although having said that, it does seem to be a higher quality cable than many passive USB 2.0 alternatives.
  • Really useful extender!

    posted by jeancarlos

    Can I connect the usb port behind my computer and enjoy the convenience of having an extension without losing speed data transfer with a USB 3.0 port. The size is perfect and there remains no shortage. It is a very simple device though
    I highly recommed this product. If you think you would have use for it, get it. I've used it for a month and it has paid itself back in loss of frustration, many times. I will buy more of this item for sure!
    It is a very simple device though
  • USB 3.0 Cable WOW!

    posted by CarlosTSG

    This cable I've asked and he had lost the original cable hard drive, in addition to wanting to have parts to not be plugging and unplugging of the back of the computer and have a transfer cable for the hard drive. The price is very good compared to others I've seen.
    I was surprised by the price, and that there is in various colors. It works fantastically well.
    Use it almost every day, and cable quality is very good. Whether or better than he had lost.
  • Works fine, nicely build

    posted by Hobzik

    This is a standartized USB3 OTG connector for android smart phones. Works as declared and the build quality is better than I expected.I think it can be used on galaxy note 3 as well but I have not tried.
    You can use it to extend capacity of your mobile phone, especially if you are outside camping or on a holiday and need to take a lot of pictures or videos, which you transfer from micro SD card to the USB flash disk
    Is a must for every serious smart phone user
  • great piece of hardware

    posted by alengrosevic

    I didnt get this type of adapter on my Corsair Obsidian 800D case (I bought USB 3.0 kit), and found it here for few $. great buy, everything work like it is supposed to. Installation was very simple, color of cable fantastic for my cae, I am very pleased with this buy. Great DX!
    Colud be a little softer cable. It is a little hard to bend it to make nice cable managment, but it is a black color so it is not a big problem.
    great buy, I recommend buying one if you didnt get it with your case.

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