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usb 3.0 3.5 Customers Reviews

  • Hdd Docking Station Review

    posted by jcarval

    The case is made of top quality plastic. The PSU cable is long enough and don't gets to hot in use. The cable provided is USB 3 and well maded one. Installed an 1 TB disk WD green. When transfered content to the external one, I got a transfer rate about 33 Mb/s, considering that my port is an USB2, I am very pleased. This unit can handle with two disks at once.
    European buyers should order a plug adapter SKU 3529 in order to use it in homeland. It comes with an CD with some backup software, at least two apps to do the same and a bunch of drivers to install, never used it. It is just plag and play,
    It's really a good buy. Overall great quality for the money
  • Great product

    posted by gugaluc2

    Good appearance...Speed ??USB 3.0 is very good...Support for IDE and SATA in a single device is excellent...Product of excellent quality...Working with all OS - Mac, Windows, Linux without any problem including Windows 8 64bits...
    I have not tested the backup button, but the rest worked perfectly...
    Indispensable accessory for notebook users, allowing to have multiple hard disks extras...
  • Incredibly useful device!

    posted by Shannoes

    This is such a useful device that I really don't know why I didn't buy it earlier. The build quality is very good, the LEDs indicating progress actually work as intended, and operation is a breeze. Power should also be no problem as the adapter is multi-voltage and accepts any standard 3-pin IEC cable, so you can use whatever spare IEC cable you have handy to work in your country.It was recognised as a USB 3.0 device in Windows 7 without a problem, and data transfer through the supplied cable is close enough to full USB 3.0 specs. Cloning drives is simple and fast, which is the real standout feature of this device.
    I actually bought this for a single, specific job of cloning one drive. Since then, I've discovered that I'm cloning drives all the time! It makes imaging a fleet of computers so easy and simple: just pop your source and target drives into the appropriate slots and double-click the button to start. So easy!I've also compared this unit with another cloning drive dock and this one does the job faster, which is an added bonus. I was wondering if the progress lights on the front of it would be just some pretty decoration, however I was pleasantly surprised to see they actually do what they're supposed to.The disc also includes some backup software on it if you want to use the dock for this purpose. I haven't installed it, but the English manual on the CD suggests that it is perfectly adequate for home users or those who want a fairly basic backup solution.
    Don't bother with a single dock or one that doesn't perform cloning operations. Get this one instead and enjoy all the undiscovered benefits it will provide. Like me, you'll soon find you use it every day.
  • Good enclosure, but doesn't work properly at USB 3.0

    posted by avelinocr

    It's a well made enclosure: the sides are made with resistant and durable steel, the inner controller board have high quality. The cooling fan really helps preventing overheat on your hard drive. It's easy to open and connect the device, comes with extra screws for fixing the HD inside of the enclosure.
    Maybe they don't tested this product for transferring too much data at once on USB 3.0 connection.
    It's a great product but unless mine was defective, it can not be considered USB 3.0 since it will only work for reading, writing files at small amounts at time (what usb 2.0 is already good for). The primordial vantage from USB 3.0 is the great speed to move lots of data fast and that's not possible here.
  • It exceeded my expectations

    posted by YanMetal

    It exceeded my expectations. The case is not as opaque as the photo shows, he even aluminum, somewhat reminiscent of Apple products like the Mac Pro and iMac.Its construction is excellent.The base holds it perfectly and has a rubber that will not let him slip on the table, getting tight, preventing it from falling.
    This case really impressed by the beauty and sound construction.
    I recommend to everyone.

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