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  • Only reads track 2

    posted by Nickarazzi

    A reasonable quality track-2 only card reader. Plugged it into a free USB port and it recognized right away. Ran all my cards through it and it didn't have any trouble reading any of them. The USB cable is nice and long, and unlike the rest of the unit, feels pretty sturdy.
    The third dip switch I can confirm does nothing for this unit. They use the same mainboard for different units and the switch is for use in their 1/2 and 2/3 track models.
    I also was unable to get this working in Linux. dmesg indicated that it recognized it as a keyboard HID but the green light wouldn't stop flashing and it wouldn't read cards.
    I wouldn't suggest using this for POS in the real world, it's just not sturdy enoughbut for $20 its fun to mess around with.
  • Great Product

    posted by clammyslayer

    Easy Installation, Plug & PlaySpeedy USB 3.0 ConnectionFits in 3.5" drive bay
    Needs 4 cables to be installed to get it to work1 USB 2.0 (Internal)1 USB 3.0 (Internal)1 SATA1 4 Pin Molex (Power)
    Don't hesitate to get this awesome all in one card reader! Most card reader these days are found in the 5.25" bay however since the floppy drive has gone the way of the dodo, this product allows you to install it in the unused 3.5" bay w/o sacrificing the 5.25" bays.
  • I like it.

    posted by Astrogoth

    All slots and features tested as good.
    Sturdy construction.
    Palm sized.
    Cable just right length and thick not thin.
    I put a USB wireless adapter in USB 2 and a memory stick in USB 3. The stick's driver wasn't stable and kept being loaded and unloaded. I suspect a voltage drop is the cause. Alone they each worked fine. Since there is a bright LED inside the case I may try to get more voltage by removing that LED.
    Works well.
  • Mkae what is expected

    posted by cyriusbe

    Easy to use, do what is expected.
    When used in its normal config, hd led is still visible by built in features.
    I have added an usb cable to connect it so i can have the hub and sd card reader not in the ps3 itself.
    So with aside ps3 hub i can have connection in front of tv and ps3 on a side. Plus i do not lost the second USB.
    There is a connection for an external DC convertor, still searching for one with the correct plug.
    I have now ordered sku.82769 beacuase i have a move stuff, hopefully this one comes with older AND ac/dc convertor so it can charge the controller by itself without draining from ps3 but with the ps3 connected. Waiting this one
  • Quite usefull and cheap enough.

    posted by martintog

    Very usefull, 3 USB ports (says 4... Nevermind)Good build quality, not the best but still very goodGood price even though it could be 2$ lower I think. Found the same one in a shop for 10€, without the brand margin I guess this cost 5€ max. Read SDHC. Didn't try SDXC.
    Not at all, USB cable connection with the gadget is not that perfect but does not seem weak.
    A very usefull gadget if you are using a net book or an old Mac without sd port and few USB ports.

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