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usb 2gb Customers Reviews

  • Nice build but really slow

    posted by masmas

    The build quality is surprisingly good. It is a nice metal casing and the leather has a good feeling, it is probably fake, but I have no Idea
    If you want a usb stick to have always with you and attach it to your key-chain this is a good option. But if you are planning on using it a lot and especially for big files you better go for an other one.
  • USB Rechargeable Trendy Sport MP3 Player (2GB)

    posted by Tienausvinkit

    + Lightweight+ Stylish+ Headphone design (no need to use any earphones)+ Build in 2GB flash memory (1,92 GB) + Very easy to use+ Plays two formats: MP3 and WMA+ Does its job well
    I have only tested it few times at home and outside while jogging and it worked perfectly! The sound is very great for the price of this MP3 Player.How to adjust volume?- Just hold the next/previous button to increase and decrease volume
    If you want a simple and very easy to use MP3 Player I recommend this one. It's worth buying because you don't need any other things if you want listen to music.
  • Value for money

    posted by LisaSp

    Very small unit, and the metal casing protects the USB connector - practical to put on a key ring with your keys. The capacity is genuine - my unit holds 1.99GB of files (I actually copied these files onto it, rather than just looking at the 'free space' - I've heard of scams where the listed free space can be incorrect)
    Key ring provided is very flimsy, and might be hard to replace because the hole for the key ring is very small
    For the price, a very good unit.
  • Just works

    posted by allan.hal

    - Real deal.
    - Correct size.
    - Bright as it appears to be.
    - Blue as it appears to be.
    - Light.
    - Looks great.
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    - Looks like a can.
    - Good for gift.
    - Buy for gift. Calls a lot of attention.
  • not bad

    posted by lysgb

    For it's price it is a good pendrive, however I've already bought a better just a bit more expensive, but this flash also can do, what I wanted from it.
    The pendrive is small and looks sturdy. the red led in its rear looks good in dark, however it's total useless I think, but should consider as visual effect.. or something ;) (first time I seen it, i heard in my head the voice of Vader "join the darkside" as he switch on his red lightsaber..)
    as I said, previously I bought a better - 16gb - pendrive from an other site for only a bit more money. Anyway this little pendrive is still a good one and seems to quite sturdy, strong enough to keep on a keychain or something similar

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