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usb 2.0 wireless wifi network

The usb 2.0 wireless wifi network your looking for is one of our top sellers. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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usb 2.0 wireless wifi network Customers Reviews

  • A quite good device

    posted by whitequark

    I've disassembled it, so I know what is installed inside.* Contains a 802.11bgn (note that it's 2.4GHz 802.11n, not 5GHz one) transceiver Ralink RT3070L, which is a good chip with monitor mode (SoftAP and more) support* Is not very hot* Has a great receiving quality: it displays twice as many networks as an integrated AR9285 in my netbook* AFAIK it has a custom Chinese amplifier ASIC, which provides the 1W transmit power. There are 1.5W and 2W models on DX, and I think that the power level is real, not fake
    You don't really know what you will receive inside this box. Older ones even had the chip from different manufacturer (Realtek). Besides that, I should note that the new chip is way better both by software support and capabilities (RTL8187 does not have 802.11n support).
    A very good device for the cost. I'm going to set up a high-speed link between two points 70m far away from each other with two more dongles and buy another one for a friend.
  • USB 2.0 802.11g 54Mbps Wifi Wireless Network Adapt

    posted by rafhit

    Looks like a good solid wireless usb adapter.
    good material and cheap. It came with everything it says (in a material way...)
    if someone have the working driver please upload it on megaupload (for exemple) and post the link here for people unluky like me.
    I think people from DX should have a section on their website to download software related with the products they sell
  • Best wifi adapter ever

    posted by dxaalku

    Best reception i've ever seen. I see ten networks I didn't see with other adapters and most 80% power.
    It can work as access point at least on W7 and be connected to another access point at the same time. Perfect to extend the power of your home wifi to your surroundings.
    I thought parabolic antenna was for decoration but it's an actually working directional antenna (no need to aim with it for short/mid range connection).
    A must have if you have wifi power problems or want to reach distant access points.
  • nice little product

    posted by naeemcheema

    Nice little product. I buy this product to use in skybox f5 and it works fine. product quality is nice and almost invisible with my skybox. signal quality is fine. Alternate of RJ45 connector and cables for windows, mac and linux.
    can be used in desktop computers. almost invisible put in usb port and forget.
    overall this ultra mini nano usb works fine. Best for skybox f5 and desktop pc,s. recommended to all.
  • best 300Mbps i've seen

    posted by holstix

    Best N adapter i've ever seen.
    Well build.
    Windows 7 finds the driver in 10 seconds.
    Works on Linux and PC.
    The antennas aren't very good, thats why it won't reach as far (replacing them gives much more range)
    Could be a little bit cheaper.
    It is a very good product, but for maximal range the antennas needs to be replaced.
    Bought some 16 dBi antennas and got nearly 1,5 kilometers of signal!

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