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usb 2.0 tv

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usb 2.0 tv Customers Reviews

  • tv on laptop

    posted by systeam

    Great USB gadget this item turn my laptop into a portable television,
    -Great price, in our market this usb item it has double price so again worth it.
    - very easy to install, and usefull program
    -working very well at windows XP
    I recommend this item for everybody
    - not needed novice knowledge
    - easy to used with great Software
    Look at the price, what cons could you get?
  • Works fine as SDR hardware

    posted by cpanek

    works fine with SDR#, tunes down into HF spectrum. Have received FM broadcast, police and amateur narrow band FM, and Aircraft AM on it. RF gain is adjustable from -9 dB to +19.7 dB.
    EZTV645 has the FC0013 tuner. I'm using it as SDR hardware. Mine tunes from 22 MHz to 862 MHz. Remarkably flat, with full scale input ranging from -46 dBm at 22 MHz to -40.9 dBm at 861.9 MHz, with the gain set at -9dB.
    Works well as hardware for software defined radio. Can't beat the price.
  • Great for coding/debug apple tv

    posted by duchistan

    - Fits nicely into the apple tv- Feels genuine- Looks genuine- Works great- Cord length is decent
    Plugs into the back of the apple tv 3G (where the little USB sign is) for coding/hack purposes only. Not really useful for everyday users, as it won't do much when plugged into a computer. You can use it to access the hidden 4gb memory on your apple tv, I guess?
    Buy it if you know what it's for, or you're a coder looking to jailbreak the Atv3, But fairly pointless if you're a nobody with an iphone 5 like the reviewer before me.
  • Very good antenna for low price

    posted by Igorcq

    Uses MPEG4 DVB-T. Works with Windows XP, Vista and Seven. Works with channels 720p and 1080i. Small, can record the channels while you are not home. Works better in horizontal position and the antenna comes with a magnetic bottom that is excelent for metal surfaces (not aluminum XD)
    Very well spent money for what it does. Works even with old and slow computers. Does not work for Free to air in Brazil
  • excellent product

    posted by danielbsg

    the product is easy of use, works excellent no problems, and i will order more ones like this for friends and family because it isnt high priced.
    price is not high compared to other places i have searched. if the remote were to get better range it will be better.
    very good product wont be sorry if you buy it. it works great and no major cons so it is a good product

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