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usb 2.0 to usb 2.0 Customers Reviews

  • Excellent quality and price, Highly reccomend

    posted by tikitarik

    Really, really cheap well made, durable outer coating. Solid internals, makes good contact even in inclement weather and high vibration environments. I use it as an extension for my helmet light SKU:224838 which is an excellent light. It works perfectly, allowing me to plug in and have the wire nicely tight, but still be able to get off the bike or move around without disconnecting. It transfers the 2.5 amps needed without any problem
    Great for use on your person or if you just need a retractable cord for space saving reasons. I haven't actually used it for data transfer, so I don't know any of the specs regarding that
    Highly recommends, really useful at an extremely good price.
  • working fine, good price

    posted by tiopuro

    Quality seems to be fine compared to the price. For me the length is perfect. The cable is just long enough when used at home. The item is used in the car and tv.
    fast delivery, the retractable part is a great idea. Compact, really easy to use!
    I will recoment this product as i belive it's good value for money. A pretty good product overall but be a bit careful. I am tempted to order another one (or two for the price) because it was so useful having it around.
  • Nice Item

    posted by apolq

    the cable is very sturdy, looks strong and length is just perfect. easy to use and easy to plug in and plug out from the SATA HD. when my friends saw it they were asking where i bought it.
    should have bought a few more and give to my friends. will buy more on Christmas and give it a present.
    this is a good item specially to those techies! very helpful and very easy to use. should have bought extra for myself.
  • Cool cable

    posted by RelakS

    I like that flat cable. When I put away, I just have to roll it up, and my pocket won't tie any navy knot.
    One said that the wire has broke in it. Well, the wires used for it must be very thin (in AWG around 26-28?), so some care may be necessary when using it.
    It is a must for those who like flat cables.
  • Perfect for my NAS

    posted by thunder45

    It works perfectly. It has a led indicating that it is working and the flat cable with solid 4-way on one side and 4x1-way at the other makes it very easy make the connection right.
    It has worked at 115200 with no problems. Remember that you will most likely not use either the 3.3v or the 5.0v, just TX RX and GND.
    Should be perfect for ARM based devices such as RaspberryPI and NAS (Mine is a Iomega Home Media Cloud Edition).

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