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usb 2.0 speed

These cool usb 2.0 speed are high quality and at affordable prices. As the number 1 cool gadgets provider, DX provides and delivers high quality products from China, worldwide. You can find what you want at usb 2.0 adapter, usb 2.0 controller. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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usb 2.0 speed Customers Reviews

  • Useful device

    posted by RealGoldMan

    Useful device for laptop owners and for owners of personal computers. I also use it as an extension USB. Another very useful feature of this device have a tungler which disables all devices simultaneously from USB. The material from which manufactured the device, the plastic is very good quality.
    To use the device does not need any additional software, respectively, you can use this device for almost any operating system.
    For several months I have been using this device, and I want to say that it is very helpful. Now I'm not so much limited in the number of connected devices.
  • Very usefull!

    posted by Rogereidt

    Light, discrete, simple to use. The body material seems honest; you can move 5 entryes to get the best position. A red led indicate that the dispositive is on. The lengh of the cable that cames whit is enought to make the conection. The unit have two curved supports to stabilize in a plan area or attach in same way.
    Excellent to multiply the usb entry of my Smart TV, so I can plug in several equipments, in a organized way.
    A good purchase!
  • Worth it

    posted by eisenhauerjason

    Solid construction. The aluminum, even after being under a laptop, and even turned off always feel cool. It disperses the heat with ease.
    I know from past work experience and personal (our last laptop's hard drive died) that if you don't keep your laptop OFF YOUR LAP and keep air flowing underneath it you will eventually fry your drive. It's a small investment to keep your system running smooth.
    Worth the price given the quality aluminum even if one of the fans wasn't working. Even with one my temp stays stable.
  • great!

    posted by Anzycpethian

    It works like a charm.It does have something like a dc in plug and can be powered externally WITH 5 VOLTS @ 0.75A if you have the right adapter (it is not the 2.2mm thick plug available here on dx but a thinner one, around 1.5mm so watch out! Also I haven't tried it with DC but this 5 volt plug I already had at home. After lots of thinking I wouldn't use it with DC, maybe that would be too much.) but anyway, it works.The built quality and design is actually quite qualitative. It feels and looks nice and expensive.When plugged in a blue led in the middle lights up permanently. It's very smooth. Not bright enough to be annoying for some people but still looks cool.its compact, fast, works with dc... exactly what I wanted! The plug has a specially fit place on the botton so the whole thing is a perfect cylinder. Good design!
    I love it!

    posted by bettodiaz

    - It works!- Cheap- Very good quality case- Very good quality stand- USB Hub can be use as regular or with stand(looks great and stylish)- Works GREAT with Raspberry PI!
    Comes in a closed blister. Perfect for retail or a gift(?).Very nice presentation and the cables and AC adapter included are of nice quality.
    I bought it to use a hard disk, wifi usb dongle, keyboard and mouse with the raspberry pi. And it worked perfectly! I was worried about the hard drive, but it powered it perfectly. THe only thing, is if you powered on the USB HUB and then connect the raspberry pi by the included USB cable, it powers on the RPI. But by the USB ports in the RPI. This is not recommended as it would not recognize the USB HUB as a hub, but as power source.First power on the RPI via the micro USB power source, and then connect the powered USB HUB and it would work great!


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