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usb 2.0 sata adapter

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  • It really works, and really cheap

    posted by sanyix

    Cheap, universal, works
    An USB HDD rack have usually 3-4 times bigger price than this, while it only capable for IDE OR SATA. If you want both, it even more expensive.Seeing this price i didn't expected that it will work (however i did't tried with SATA HDD only with IDE hdd), i just wanted a 12V 5V power supply for the future use of Cubieboard with 3,5 sata drive, but actually everything works, not just the power supply.
  • Very Usefull Tool

    posted by carbafx

    The packaging is quite good. It came with a mini-CD with drivers. Easy to use and understand how it works.It was tested with Notebook HDD Sata and IDE.It works like a chamr when your computer crashes and you need to do a Backup of the drive.
    It is a good purchase for the right price.It tooks 23 days to arrive into Argentina.
    Nice tool for computer technicians, that need to perform backups from customers PC and notebooks.It works with SATA2, IDE 3.5", IDE (NB).For PC disk (3.5") the power needs to be used, for the NB disk, only with USB can work
  • It saved my life!

    posted by viktorbir

    It works perfectly. You just plug the hard drive on it, plug it to two USB ports on the computer, et voi là, you have an external hard drive.
    My Asus EeePC died suddenly, and I had some information I need to retreive from its hard drive. This adapter saved my life. Removed the disk from the netbook, plugged it to the adapter, plugged the adapter to the main computer, and got all my information back.
    A great bought. First, I could recover all information on that disk. Now, I can use it for back ups. Great.
  • good usb sata plug & play!

    posted by nazarina

    it is so cheapit is plug &play,can work with android devices or USB otg devices(including devices that dont have tons of drivers like my nokia n900)consume is less than 200miliwattgood size,it isnt large
    good price,nice thumb device,for only 6 dollar!here in my country they sell this for 30USD!
    excelent cost X benefit,great compatibility with old devices like my nokia n900,without need for drivers,consume less than 200miliwatt (no requiring external power),compatible with hds,external hds and dvd
  • Hotswapping drive capable

    posted by Felixfx2

    It can hot swap Sata HDDs directly without unplugging the cable, some lower makes hangs the machine when doing so.
    Maybe will be good to use to extract data from older Drives or use as a Sata cdrom connector.
    Good if your gonna run it with normal HDD. But i am moving to SSD for storage.Good to keep to have backward compatibility not forward.


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