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usb 2.0 port Customers Reviews

  • Great adapter and great price

    posted by NateBourgoin

    This is one of the cheapest powered hubs I could find. I looked everywhere, and this is as cheap as I could find. Ports are spread out. The top 2 ports are convenient.
    I'm using this as a powered hub for a USB OTG device (Overo Earth embedded computer) that cannot power USB ports itself. Thus far it has worked flawlessly and I can't see any reason it would fail.
    Definately worth it if you are in need of a powered hub, but if you don't need a powered hub, there are cheaper choices.
  • Nice product

    posted by harroxelas

    Worked perfectly with all my raspberry pi peripherals (wifi dongle, wifi keyboard, usb hdd, bluetooth dongle, etc.). I even used it to power my raspberry pi, it booted but the voltage between TP1-TP2 was around 4.65 V, not enough for safe operation.
    The ports are tight, I even had some difficulty inserting some usb plugs. I guess it's a good thing, since these ports tend to become kinda loose.The power source is rated at 4 A, which is good enough. I plugged 7 devices and my raspberry pi was able to use them all.
    Pricy but it's a nice product that solved my problem.
  • Large block!

    posted by ProDigit

    - Has many ports- Sufficient space to plug in 2 USB sticks next to each other (0.9mm between ports instead of 0.5mm like on most laptops)- Very fast! I have speeds of upto 10MB/s when copying from one flash memory to another (could be limited to the flash memory stick), and 27MB/s when copying from 2 flash drives to internal HD.- 5V 2A power source,good for powering some devices!- Red leds are bright enough for day use- Looks well built
    They could have reduced the length somewhat by organizing ports in an array of 2x3 or 2x4 ports instead of 1x7 ports.Don't buy this if you just want to save energy on some ports. The energy the LEDS consume nullify whatever you gain by disabling some ports. If you want to save energy you'll have to either disable the LEDS, or buy a version without leds.The LEDS are a waste of space. They could have easily incorporated the LEDS within the switches.
    Buy it, if you want to have a hardware switch, to disable access to certain devices (eg for safety or security purposes).Do not buy it to save on energy, as this bar will not do that.Otherwise excellent HUB!
  • Good hub

    posted by Leobor

    Device is smaller then can be imagine. Too small... But it not a reason for disappointment. And it can be comfortable for many users. It work perfect. Real USB 2.0
    To study the internal structure I had to open the device. The soldering quality is middle. But I found what I was looking for - connector for external power supply is really connected to circuit. Only one caution - this socket connected to the parallel internal USB +5 Volts without any filters or protections.
    Good and useful device
  • Works but with some problems

    posted by AlbertAdell

    Works with USB printers and scanners
    Very easy to use
    I've tried it with a Canon LiDE 110 Scanner and an HP LaserJet 1600 on Windows 7. I've had enough problems with scanner drivers (blue screen) but I finally got it to work (installing the drivers directly without the USB server or disconnecting the scanner before installing the drivers completely)
    Once set up seems to work well


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