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usb 2.0 hub 4 port

On this page, you can find a wide selection of usb 2.0 hub 4 port. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Try browsing 4 port usb hub mini, usb hub white 4 port. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.
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usb 2.0 hub 4 port Customers Reviews

  • Cheap passive USB hub

    posted by rvdheij

    Nice compact USB hub with professional style, and very cheap. The 4 devices nicely fit in line and allow you to keep the desk tidy. Much better than the circle-shape hubs where cables point in all directions.
    I don't think I needed yet another set of blue leds to brighten up the room.
    Good product for this price. Just need to shop for 20-30 cm USB extension cable.
  • ?Best there is?

    posted by duncanpa

    The best hub I encountered. Often devices work directly off a computer USB port but not off a hub port. I have a couple of devices that work without a problem off this hub, but may have problems working directly off a computer port. This hub is now my reference for USB devices.
    Red LED lights up if the hub is recognized by the computer. Green LED lights up if the device is installed correctly.
    AC adapter is supplied. The adapter is 100-240V.
    I bought already 2 of those and daisy them.
    You will not regret getting this hub.
  • Nice and cheap

    posted by carol2122

    All the ports are working and it has a great look. Here in Brazil I found it much more expensive than I bought in DX. It's really cheap! It's easy to plug in... I just connected and the driver installed itself. (Windows 7)
    The power light is not working, although it's already connected to the pc and working fine. Actually I don't know if this is supposed to work at all.
    It's a bealtiful usp hub, it works for any gender, and makes your room or office fancier. You must buy if you need more ports on your pc.
  • real usb 2.0 hub

    posted by superbizon

    device has really great qualityit can be useful for devices with small amount of usb portswires can be spread at ~50 cm from each other and able to connect many different independent devicesspeed is about 7Mb/sec (USB 2.0)
    It would be inconvenient to plug this unit into small devices. For this situation I recommend to gain unit with WIRED connector (not like at this unit - hard solid)
    As previously been says, its a quality item. If you need more usb ports, then you have now, its a great choice
  • Useful for the handyman

    posted by Kealle

    Easy to useLooks goodAccessible
    I've connected 4 devices. Camera, phone, irispen (pen scanner) and a wacom drawing board. It works well.You have to drill a hole in your desk to install it properly. This is not a con, but rather something you should know before buying it.
    Extremely good value. If you want to drill a hole in your desk, get it.

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