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usb 2.0 extension

The usb 2.0 extension your looking for is one of our top sellers. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. You can also browse the usb 2.0 controller, usb 2.0 card, and we provide more ways to help you find the products you want. Find your beloved cool gadgets right now.
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usb 2.0 extension Customers Reviews

  • Excelent Cable

    posted by colomax

    Excelent cable quality, Im thinking on buying one more of this, never expected this high quality, been looking for a good extension cable for weeks, buying this one was so far my best choice.
    when we waste our money we expect to find products like this, so im very happy.
    go ahead buy it ! theres nothing that will cost less than this with the same quality. bought it and it took like 1 week to reach my door. Good service no doubt, thats why I always choose dealextreme to buy my goods

    posted by Devk23

    Well I bought this so I can Extened my USB wifi antenna and it work just beauteful no problems at all same signal power and Mega Bites per second if you use just a regular extention with the antenna the range and speed decreases badlyBut A+ QualityA++ UsefulnessA+++For Eazy to use just plug and play
    I think The price could be cheaperThe shipping only About a week!Packaging was pretty good.. bubble rap!
    I think the price was to much but still a good price for a good quality price works right out of the box did what I needed it to do
  • Works...

    posted by stefer

    It just works. Works on XP anyway with the supplied CD-rom. Build quality is good.
    Useful with the lack of com ports on new PCs these days. If you have a need for them that is...
    If you are a tech-gadget person, you might end up using one of those one day if you have a new PC without the ports. At this price you can't go wrong, they go for more than that in stores.
  • VERY VERY VERY GOOD usb cable!

    posted by Axeljj

    Everything. even though its almost 2 m it doesent loose power or nothing! quality of this is TOP CLASS! i use this like you can se in the pic as a extender for my wireless usb card so its on a higher altitude my the speed doesn't decrease a single Kb in speed..and the price lol? 2 Cheeseburgers at Mc? its almost to cheap.. + shipping how can you guys afford this? last time i bought a usb extender i payd like 10 cheese and it was 150cm long and lasted 2 months then the cable broke and speed was 80% reduced.
    ( yes i count in Mc cheeseburgers cuz foks know what a cheeseburger is worth than saying numbers..)
    absolutely none! seriulsy NONE!
  • works

    posted by martijnmurderer

    Good quallity cable for a good price.It seems like the cable has a very strong layer of metal wire in it.
    I have read that the maximum lenght of an usb cable (from device/hub to device/hub) is 5 meters, so i would not recommand connecting 2 of these together.I use it in combination with a logitech g13 and it works perfectly.
    This is a cheap and good product.

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