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usb 2.0 cable

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usb 2.0 cable Customers Reviews

  • Good Quality Active USB 2 extension

    posted by gastewart

    This USB cable is "active", meaning that it uses power drawn from the USB port to boost the signal over the 5 metre extension.
    An external harddisk with power supply was able to reach USB 2.0 "high speed" (480Mbit).
    Tested OK with bus powered USB memory sticks and HSDPA wireless modem.
    Good build quality. Good quality cable, and heat sealed ends.
    Use a powered hub as well if you need to use a bus powered device with a high power draw (like a 2.5" HDD).
    Good price for a good quality product.
  • True FTDI device

    posted by Fred123

    This is the output from lsusb in Linux:Bus 003 Device 002: ID 0403:6001 Future Technology Devices International, Ltd FT232 USB-Serial (UART) ICfor all you people looking for a true FTDI device, get this one since it is one of the cheaper ones at dx.com from what I have found.Sturdy build, solid USB cable
    Device has this model number printed on it: HXSP-2108D.We are swamped at work so I did not have time to test if my specific item works, but FTDI is great as you might know.
    Get it if you are looking for a device with FTDI chipset.
  • Good quality, good length cable.

    posted by alaswad

    I have purchased two of these cables, on of them were working great but the other one were defective and I have reported that to DX.The cable is long and very useful for cars and offices, you can enjoy moving your phone easily.
    The length of cable is only required if you need long wire otherwise I suggest purchasing shorter for better space and quality.
    I would purchase another one if I need.
  • Perfect harddrive fixing tool

    posted by mortil

    Perfect for fixing my friends harddrives simple and fast.
    havent found anything like this in sweden yet so this was perfect that i found it here.
    why red and green lights ? mostly men are colorblind (like me) so that sucks. wy not like red and blue indication ?
    but thats nothing thats the products fault. thats the standard here in the world.
    perfect overall tool for harddrives . small and fits my laptop bag perfect :D
    that i was able to change the powercord was good as i needed a Europlug
  • It works for charging my Galaxy S III, and really bright yellow

    posted by sanchomuzax

    It works for charging my Samsung Galaxy S III i9300, and really bright yellow. Easy to use, handy is easy to unroll.
    I like this ribbon, because the interesting design. I am confident that it will stand for a long time, and the line does not break.
    Easy to use, handy is easy to unroll. The yellow color could be a little brighter. ;)

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