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Welcome to our usb 2 usb online shop. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. You can also browse 2 port usb 3.0 and 2 usb car adapter. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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usb 2 usb Customers Reviews

  • Very nice gamingkeyboard!

    posted by Tiems85

    5 programmable buttons with 3 different profilesThe key backlight works very well and has 3 settings2 USB connectors on the back of the keyboardAll media buttons worked instantly without driver installation
    For exemple: You can set the programmable buttons to start a program, or set a series of keys, for exemple 12345
    Very nice gamingkeyboard!
  • Great value gift. Must buy for your car crazy kid!

    posted by kanwarsation

    The car works on walls as advertised. The device to attach to the ipad is a good firm with no problems of loosening on use. The software works well and bug free as well
    Good packaging and presentation make this a premium looking gift, well above the actual sticker price. The manual could have been more helpful, though
    Buy it now, it's way lower than what the wallet-ripping toy stores are retailing this at
  • Works for Kindle

    posted by happyny

    Quality seems good. The cable worked as advertised, easy to transfer files, and have a charging cable for the car or computer. The brick that comes with the Kindle is not always the best option.
    The Kindle should come with this cable, but doesn't.
    If you need it get it.
  • Utterly and anazingly awesome product as of 3 days.

    posted by filownz

    -More discreet than expected; removable cap looks seamless-Optical with scroll wheel light-Scale is freaking removable!-Also a mini-stash-Scale seems accurate (weighed Canadian penny at 2.4g, actual 2.35g according to Wikipedia)-As mouse is plugged in you can weigh your fun materials at the same time
    Just so freaking discreet, no one would ever think of looking inside a computer mouse.I keep my smelly stuff out of it though, I just like the ability to shield the scale.
    Buy it, SO worth the price. Headshops in downtown Toronto charge 35 bucks for a scale that badly resembles an ipod touch. If I walked around with one of those it would arouse suspicion amongst family members eventually. For someone who hides 'valuables' in a Gamecube like I do so that they aren't found, this is perfect to weigh those 'valuables'.
  • Cheap and useful thing.

    posted by Zeeboo

    It is easy to install, fits perfectly into a 3.5'' bay. Connecting cables long enough. The reader detects the card when it is inserted and then assigned a letter in windows. During reading the memory card green LED is blinking.
    I do not know if it's an advantage or disadvantage, but both LEDs light up red and green, even when there is no memory card inserted. I tested only SD and micro SD card, do not know if handled correctly read other types of cards. Because of the additional USB 3.0 hub price appears to be overestimated as compared to the version without it.
    The look is attractive. High functionality. I would recommend.

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