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Finding your favorite usb 2 female is easy in our product catagories. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. With your support, we can do better.
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usb 2 female Customers Reviews

  • usb works

    posted by michel3105

    wire length is ok for my computer large tower works on z77 p8z77vlx asus motherboard i tested it with 2.0 usb i dont have any usb3.0 hardware
    proud to have done it.To get it maybe in flat wire to have easier in front panel of enclosure.
    price is ok
  • Excellent! Works as intended!

    posted by rocketabyss

    Excellent build quality, wires can be easily bent to route through tight corners within my Corsair 600T case, no observable lack in performance when transferring data.
    Fits perfectly into the USB3.0 hub on the motherboard. Does not wiggle in place and as mentioned, works as intended without any performance drop
    A must buy if you need an adapter for your onboard USB 3.0 hub if your computer case doesn't come with one, e.g Corsair 600T
  • What i needed

    posted by NedEX

    This was totally what i needed. I don't like cables around, and this adapter fits perfectly in my pocket with my phone.Android immediately recognizes the devices i plug, like my pen drives or my wireless keyboard and mouse adapter.
    Maybe that would have been better if the adapters were sold separately, so i hadn't to buy both when i only need one of them.
    Buy this adapter if you don't want cables around your phone and you need to plug usb drives in your android phone.
  • Good product!

    posted by Lightfan99

    Excellent product design.Excellent build quality.
    I also bought this product in the 'Micro-USB' format -- because the format that I needed to connect my tablets.I bought this one more to to just have in my connector kit -- in case I needed it.Like it's micro-USB counterpart, this product provides both left and right-handed connectors, providing great versatility.
    THESE CONNECTORS ARE GENERALLY NOT SUITABLE FOR CONNECTING TO THE MICRO-USB PORTS ON TABLETS.For that, buy DX SKU: 169535, another great product.If you need a mini-USB OTG right-angle adapter, don't hesitate to buy this one -- it's a great product in every respect.
  • Smart adapters

    posted by RogerEriksson

    Cheap adapter that is very sturdy and easy to use. Perfect when you need to angle the connection. I use it in my car where the original connector is under the armwrest and the space for a cable is limited. Without the angled adapter I can't have the armwrest closed when using the USB-with my phone or a mp3-player.
    A pack with two mirrored connectors is smart. If one of them is unusuble due to the direction of the connector, simply use the other one.
    Cheap and smart adapters that can be used in a number of applications.

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