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  • works very well for the price

    posted by Zeddeh

    - very small footprint, much smaller than several other ones I have bought over the years- doesn't get too warm when used all day- has both B/G & N- quality of build seems pretty good, never had it crack or break in all the times I used it.
    - I bought this so I could have wifi on the Apple side of my Hackintosh since the built in wifi card is not recognized by the Apple OS (10.5.6)- couldn't use the cd provided (dont have a dvd player on my laptop) so downloaded the drivers for the Ralink 3070 chipset from the Ralink website- not sure about the true db rating of the antenna, it seems to give me long coverage though
    - I have bought 2 of these, one to use traveling and 1 as a backup for home- for the price and the quality of the reception, and the fact that it has N capabilities seems like pretty good value to me
  • Good Product

    posted by marc369ath

    - Powerful transmitter, not sure if it is 1000mW though.
    - Amazing reception compared with the built in antenna of my Laptop.
    - RealTek 8187L and RTL8225 chipset.
    - High Gain Dish Directional Antenna, very useful if you have to penetrate 5 walls or to aim a specific location.
    - No overheating problems.
    - The transmitter has a nice slick design with a detachable clip.
    - Perfect for injection and monitor on BT 3/4.
    - Windows 7 64 bit found it, and installed the drivers without needing the CD.
    - You can use the antenna dish on any Wifi router that has a detachable RP-SMA connector antenna.
    - Comes with "Back Track 3 (Spoonwep2)" software CD.
    - Transmitter dimensions, length 7.5cm (8cm with the connector), width 6cm, height 0.8cm in the middle, 1.2cm on the edges (without the clip)
    - Should have a USB "Y" connector cable to get more power from the USB port.
    It works perfectly and has a great quality / price. Recommended purchase.
  • Good product

    posted by aezop1

    very cheap alternative if you need a wireless dongle. the reach of this dongle is incredible. former dongle was a piece of nothing compared to this one!
    you can complain about everything but this is just working really well!
    if you need a good and cheap dongle, buy this one... living in a house with really thick walls and the signal is really good around the house!

    posted by RevolverOcelot

    This is a great Wifi network adaptor. Unit easily doubles the signal strength of all nearby networks and picks up even more than before. Originally, 35-40% signals on my Netgear WPN511 are now 70-80% with this dongle. The clip has soft felt pads so it doesn't scratch your laptop. Has a genuine Realtek RTL8187L chipset... Also has AP mode which is always a good feature to have. Realtek Wireless LAN Utility is very easy to use.
    The supplied, poorly written instructions (spoonwep) didn't work for me even though I understood them and know that they're correct. After 5 days of playing around with the program and trying to get it to work, I gave up and decided to use BT3 manually (google if you need instructions) and IT WORKED PERFECTLY ON THE FIRST TRY. Gets warm during use but not hot. I'm sure it will work even better with a stronger antenna. I'm going to eventually pick up an yagi antenna and try it out.
    This is one of the best items that I have purchased at DX so far. If you're looking for an inexpensive but strong and reliable Wifi dongle, don't think twice about getting this... Get it now!
  • Work perfect. It is a great item

    posted by aj666

    Work out-of-the-box with Debian GNU/Linux, even in monitor mode. Work great with airodump/airplay, so It's ideal for wireless auditory.It comes with 2 antennas, cables and supports. It's very small.It's ideal for traveling because it is small and allows you to connect to distant networks.
    Very good package and very fast shippment.
    It's a great product, cheap and good performance. Ideal for traveling and for network auditing.


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