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If you want to purchase usa gps navigator, this is your best place to buy it. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. 5.0 gps navigator or gps navigator wifi may offer more options for you. DX provides the hottest gadgets at the lowest prices.
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usa gps navigator Customers Reviews

  • Awesome GPS!

    posted by maddoglee

    One thing.... WIN CE 5.0!!!!!!!!!!!! ..also2GB Micro SD!Very very simple menu! I bought this for my aunt so I wanted a very simple interface. This is perfect. massive icons. I got TomTom working almost straight away.... Had to reload IGO8 to get the details of the GPS! COM0 34800 Baud!Excellent GPS, I accidently got them a GPS with WINCE 6.0, so I'm going to swap this one with theirs.
    I'd buy another one for myself if I wasn't swapping it. Very easy to set up, although I have had tons of practice with a lot of the others. the touchscreen is nice. I don't mind the build quality.Oh yeah! one awesome thing is the windscreen mount also doubles as a picture stand! so you can use this as a digital photo frame! really cool idea!
    Get it if you're look at these GPS's, I've so far tried 3 different ones from DX. This is one is the best so far. The screen is massive! Although it'll prolly cover up half the windscreen in the Mini Cooper! hahah
  • excellent and fast navigation

    posted by zexone

    quality production,
    has winCe6.0,
    great software,
    works perfectly,
    bluetooth works perfectly
    perhaps the price might be a bit lower, I paid a large duties on this product
    essence of the matter is that the GPC with its outstanding features compared to other navigation offered, only that it is more accessible price
  • Cheap and good

    posted by tofalvip

    It's a cheap GPS device with a fast CPU and a good built-in GPS chip. I wasn't able to check whether it really has a Sirf Star V chip as the product description states, but the time-to-first-fix is quite good (around 70 seconds for the first time, then 20 seconds). The Windows Ce-based PNDs are ideal for thos don't want to complicate them with e.g. Android-based applications, where you have a lot of setting options and things are so handy. Here the basic principle is "Hit and run!" (i.e. Press and drive! :-)As for the accuracy, I cannot tell you exact figures, since the software doesn't show meters or the like, just: adequate, good or excellent. In most cases I have seen the Excellent rating.
    The windscreen support provided is OK, however I don't fix it on the windscreen. I rather prefer a circular support plate with self-adhesive layer on its bottom, that can be fixed on the dashboard. It's a pity that DX has no such items in its product catalogue.
    This a MUST BUY!
  • Nice one

    posted by Kopecek

    Nice built, big screen, easy to use. And for this money you really get nice GPS.
    Beacuse of size of this gps will be better maybe to use SD card form and not MicroSD.
  • Good price for good GPS with Bluetooth

    posted by bug138

    Good GPS, that is necessary!Perfectly following programs work:iGO8.3iGO8.5 PrimoNavitel 3.5Navitel 5.0CorePlaer 1.3and other GPS programs.
    FM transmitter also works well.Function Handsfree is supported through Bluetooth.The accumulator withstands 4 hours.Sensitivity GPS of the receiver the excellent!
    I recommend it to everyone!

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