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This is our best us usb charger, they all share a great design and great prices. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. Customers who purchased us usb charger also viewed usb battery charger, multi usb charger. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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us usb charger Customers Reviews

  • There is no speaker!! Only light.

    posted by pmbuyit

    One device for car and hotel. Two USB ports to use for load devices, output current measured surely 1A boths (my device will take not more). The charger has strong polyethene case, which is better than common used polystyrene - is almost unbreakable.
    Case looks as if it is not possible to open it - no screws or so, but is easy to open with a small sharp knife. There is a fuse in the case, so remember - if not working, try to open it.
    I bought it because of the speaker, so I was disappointed. But aside from this, it is a good device.
  • really good

    posted by creamyg

    4 LEDs that change color to show how much current the device is drawing.Has two types of ports, can charge my nokia phone that needs the data pins bridged, ps vita, cowon z2, also work fine on the normal ports. Galaxy Tab 2 seems to only charge from the iphone port.
    I really like this, I'm buying a second one for my office. Unless you have lots of apple devices, maybe the single apple port would be a problem then. It's definitely delivering about 800ma to my nokia and charging the galaxy tab at the same time, so dont' let the '500ma' rating fool you.
    Buy it, it's the best usb charger I found here. I've had it for a year and it's still working great.
  • useful, need product, outdoor workers

    posted by ceng573

    portable, extra battery capacity in little volume, original battery size, no wait to charge your phone, if have replacement like this 1 min enough to change end return your mobile active and portable again.
    after first charge will se charge and discharge time, no idea yet.
    thanks seller. 30 days. ownership.tracking nummber problem under $15.other web site will be preferable this reason.
  • Perfect charger

    posted by debisius

    I know people will wonder why i am writing a review on a 'general charger'. Let me just first say it looks original and perfect; that's not a pro anyway.
    As i have said before, a lot will wonder why i commented. I just wanted to bring people prompt to the fact the this is 'MINI USB power adapter' and not 'MICRO USB POWER adapter'. I mistakenly ordered for it since i read it's for blackberry (old blackberry i guess)
    Please check and recheck mostly connector types before ordering.
  • Very good charger, but it lights up the room at night

    posted by evincar

    The charger has a very nice blue light to tell you that there is power on the outputs, but it is way to bright to be used at night next to your bed. There are 4 charging outlets and all of them work with all my devices (Camera, android phone, no apple products tested) Very compact device to charge 4 devices while travelling, brilliant!
    Would be nice if LED could be disabled without opening it up and cutting wires.
    Good product, compact works well.

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