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us usb adapter Customers Reviews

  • for older ears

    posted by Danxxx

    Very inexpensive. It works fine for an iPhone4. Reasonably well built. Plug folds into the body, making it store as a small cube. That's handy.
    None. I'm assuming the sound isn't a warning that it's on it's last legs.
    As long as it keeps working, it'll do the job.
  • Perfect charger

    posted by debisius

    I know people will wonder why i am writing a review on a 'general charger'. Let me just first say it looks original and perfect; that's not a pro anyway.
    As i have said before, a lot will wonder why i commented. I just wanted to bring people prompt to the fact the this is 'MINI USB power adapter' and not 'MICRO USB POWER adapter'. I mistakenly ordered for it since i read it's for blackberry (old blackberry i guess)
    Please check and recheck mostly connector types before ordering.
  • A capable little charger

    posted by Barebones

    Unlike most other USB chargers out there that generate only 500mA or 1A, this one actually produces 2.1Ah - enough to charge larger devices like iPad or tablets.As far as I could tell, both ports are 2.1A, instead of the usual 2.1A/1A configuration you find in other compact chargers.The blue LED is also a nice touch.
    An excellent choice if you want a USB charger that will work with pretty much everything, from small cellphones that need only 500mA, to large tablets that won't charge unless they get 2A.
  • Great when you have several devices to charge

    posted by fiechterjm

    The "Universal AC Power Adapter with USB 4-Port HUB" is a great accessory, particularly when you have several devices with different plugs, and you don't want to lug many different adapters. Does what it has to do at a great price. And also comes with a great service from DX & timely delivery.
    The "Universal AC Power Adapter with USB 4-Port HUB" is a great product, sold here at a great price, and with a great service from DX. What can one ask for more ?
  • Power/Charge a range of USB devices

    posted by E_Man

    This thing is just great, it takes devices that normally want to charge via USB, and allows you to plug them into the wall. I've tested it with a number of different items, they all seem to work to either pull power or even better, to charge! There's a little green LED that lights up when you plug it in.
    I pose to you a question. Why wouldn't you benefit from being able to get power from something other than the USB port directly? This can help reduce clutter, even cut down on the total number of cables that you need.
    I thought it was a neat device when I first saw it, and I made sure this one was the one I wanted to buy. After I purchased it, it sat for a while not being used. More recently, too many electronics that I have want their turn charging from it.

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