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You will be surprised our best us power with an artful design and an amazing price. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Your support is our greatest motivation.

us power Customers Reviews

  • Perfect!

    posted by dealq

    Holds really well in US sockets, with a tight feel
    Fits every grounded wall socket and power extender in my house
    EU plugs fit well, slim ungrounded kind a bit loosely, but still with a solid connection
    Inside construction is solid, no wires or soldering, the socket bits are bolted straight to plug bits.
    Decent insulation design inside, will survive some moisture, but not soaking!
    Best power adapter I got from DX so far!
  • Not bad at all

    posted by Coketech

    Has an earth bondFits a variety of plugsEnables foreign devices to be used in New Zealand and Australia
    Good device for the priceTotally cant complainPlease remember that this does not convert voltage! The pins are connected directly thru to the socket
    Buy it! Its worth it, avoids having to bend american pins outward to plug them into New Zealand sockets.The adaptor is worth the measley $1.50!
  • Charge two devices without taking up the outlet

    posted by Endurance

    How many of you have resorted to putting a powerstrip in your kitchen so you can charge more than one electronic device at a time? Seriously, I now have a piece of counter space back that used to be a powerstrip so I could charge my phone and ipod at the same time. Life is better now.
    Works like it should, 100% reliable for over four months now. Simple design that also travels well. I ended up buying an extra one for the office.
    Travels well, works reliably, simple design and does what it says it does. What more can you want from a simple device like this?
  • Cannot use touchscreen while charging.

    posted by Cremlin

    Charges 2 devices simultaneously. Charged both my Samsung Galaxy S3 and my LG HBS-700 bluetooth headset at the same time. Doesn't get hot. Rotating plug allows the adapter to be plugged in virtually anywhere, adjacent to anything else that's already plugged in. Plug itself fits securely in US sockets.
    Other phones may not have the electrical interference problem, by my Galaxy S3 SGH-I747 does.
    It charges 2 devices at once. The only problem is you may have to unplug your phone to use the touchscreen.
  • Just like stock.

    posted by guibrenande

    - Works as it is intended, charges quick and easy.- Good quality of wires and housing.
    Just lost my psp charger, this one worked flawlessly, few differences compared to stock, same charging time, it does not get too hot even if forgot charging at night.
    Lost the PSP charger? Go for this one, no regrets, thinking about buying a second spare one :).Who needs a beautiful box for a spare charger?

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